17 May 2009

kisah dahulu

I was passing tru his blog and found this entry. It was a contest for all bloggers if you would like to join in. It's not that hard, because it's all about you. Just look on the contest details here and you could consider whether to join in or not ;)

I know my readers have arts in writing, aite? And I would like to represent this entry for the contest. My note about my love. This is the entry which I make as draft after few days been published, but this girl already warned me not to make anything into draft again. 

Thus this entry is among the entries which I republish back again eventhou I wasnt at ease to have you reading at it dear friend. Because it is very expensive for me, heh. But in the name of sharing is caring, it's there again on January 2009, I guess. To quote what did Joe said, I know ur story, u know my story.

To recall back, during my school days I always love to join in any writing competition. The most memorable competition was when I'm in here. It was a state level competition and I dont think that I could win for any place. There are few reasons why I couldnt forget the competition. 

In fact, I was writing about my sickness for the competition, on how sciense do help people to recover, for sure with lots of story alteration :D I won for the 2nd place and the award been given during the state level Teacher's Day celebration.

When I was in the hall in Wisma Negeri, I was busy studying for midterm examination on Biology paper 3. It was on the day I receive the award. Oh my. It was the two of us, my friend did make it for the 3rd place. After we went back to school, I was running to the exam hall. Pheww. They all already started the exam, heh.

Every year the winner would come from SMJK(C), and our teachers were quite suprise that we could make it for that particular year, and the 1st place also won by a friend of another school. Btw, congratulation on your graduation dear friend.

Till then.


joegrimjow said...

thx u
dun 4get the 10 marks

Anonymous said...

nota itu juga mahal bagi diya ... thanks for sharing it again dear =)

As said...

siyes laju anda komen as, tak sempat inform pun lagi. Thanks.

ur loyalty yang sentiasa buat as terharu :D
and of coz paling kewl, is ur support =)
thanks dear diya, yeay!