5 July 2007

new spirits - version II

Few days before sangat berkobar2 to go back earlier and getting back the study mood for a brand new life in a new place. But just now hati dibelah dan dibahagi, rase tamau balik pulak. Risau pun ada, macam-macam.
Those are inshaAllah the subjects that has been registered for this semester.

Anatomy I
Physiology I
Critical Thinking in Healthcare
Introduction to Radiography
General Medical Physics
Islamic World View
English for Academic Purpose
Study Circle
[ got one more subject that i forgot ]

quite a few eh, my first time ever got lots of subjects to be cover up in one semester. May Allah gives me strength and guidance through it.
InshaAllah will be going to hospital for pre- practical every thursday alternately.

doakan saya thabat di jalan ini, meneruskan perjuangan dan moga kaki terus melangkah gagah..Allahuakbar!!



touch the people i CARE for
keep them SAFE
remind them of YOUR GREAT LOVE
and BLESS them
especially the one who reading this page…

Oh Allah
Calm these hearts
Strengthen our faith
Guide our way
Light our path
With the Nur of Islam
Light our hearts
With light of Iman

Trying all our best
To be the best
To achieve the best
For the sake of Islam

Trying so hard
To achieve the best
To be the best
For the sake of Islam

Let's try our best and leave the rest
To Allah and get His bless

Oh Allah light up our hearts
With the light of Iman
So we could be the best
We should be the best
We could be the best