28 November 2007

cases for reference

Reminder : You might find this entry 'offensive' (read: something which is not useful), but try a hit first.

Those cases below are true cases happened to hundreds of IIUM students. Simple cases, but please read through (read: read patiently) to understand the values lie behind them.

Case 1

One message received.

“I think you can access some of your examination results by tomorrow.” A short message service received from a lecturer. I was about a bit curious, why is it very fast?

The day after today (read: tomorrow), I go and check my examination result. But it wasn’t there yet.

“Owh, maybe I need to recheck after 4pm.” My heart said. I waited patiently, I guess so do the other friends.

One day later, I was informed it will be available by 26th November. Ok, I’ll wait. It was a relief, at least I can do many things more in peace. In fact it was mix up with an inquiry to know, huhu. What a terrible feeling.

Conclusion: Still cannot access the result

Moral (read: reminder):

1- In life, things won’t always be as what is being informed.

2- We have to be very patient in everything.

Case 2

It was 26th of November. Everyone surely will be very nervous on getting their own results. It was a phrase given by a kelantanese friend, ‘lembik lutut’. Huhu. After getting ourselves very well tough inner side, we try to access the result, but what is only appear is ‘Result is not available’ in red font.

Then checked again, again and again. How many times, I cannot count. Okay, I can be patient. Wait a while more. Then I still rechecked as I am not learning what is the meaning of giving up. Well I really do hope that in reality, I am really not learning that sense of feeling.

Every time I get nervous (read: a bit nervous only, because I’m getting tired of being nervous) I will think back, do I really wanted to see the result now? It wills maybe destructs my mood and I will have no feeling to do other things.

But the case is I am still checking the result.

Conclusion: Still cannot access the result

Moral (read: reminder):

1-Dare to face even the hardest things in life.

2-Never give up!

3-Don’t just hoping, instead work hard for it and pray for the success.

4-You wouldn’t know until you try.

5-Sometimes, Allah did not give out something on time, maybe because He wanted to give us some more times to recite prayers.

6-Don’t stop praying!

Case 3

It was 4.30 pm when suddenly abang bie from Gombak campus PM me and said,

“How was your result? It was on. Most of Gombak students already can access theirs.”

“Eh, it is available already? I’ll go and check.” I said to him blissfully.

I then become very nervous, again. Just imagine the feeling of forcing yourself to look through something which is going to be hurtful or rather joyful.

Now, at the same page (read: log in page for result slip). Clicked and go. Guess what, a white empty page appeared.

“Oh, no, again? I say man (read: aiseyman).”

Then, I tried many times, again and again. Still not giving up? Yes I am. Until midnight I am still trying. As I go this far, I think I really need to learn back what is the meaning of giving up for me to stop for a while.

Conclusion: Still cannot access the result

Moral (read: reminder):

1- Force yourself to be able to face anything in life.

2- You really cannot give up.

3- Please inform your friend for the thing that you know they are waited patiently.

4- Share and spread the information. Sharing is caring.

Case 4

Since morning I decided not to retrieve the result. I was informed; it was the Kuantan students who cannot access the results. Thus, let it be. I think it was something which is cannot be waited. But then I tried once, the result isn’t appeared.

Then, I ask a friend in Gombak campus to inform this kind of problem to Gombak A & R (read: Admissions and Record) division. Thank you Aziz.

In the afternoon, for about before ‘Asr prayer I opened up the page again. Saje je maen-maen, dah agak macam takkan appear lagi. But it wasn’t as what I expected. Bang, the result is in front of me. I am not prepared; however, the result was already there. Yes, my eyes blinked.

“Oh God, here it goes.”

Too many subjects (read: 9 subjects only) to go through. I checked randomly because it was a feeling which we do not know where to look first. I look and look randomly wherever it is, until I reach the last subject in the list.

It was Islamic Worldview. Hey, how come the grade wasn’t there? Stated ‘result not available’. Eh, then how about the GPA? Owh, also not available.

I’m become worried. The result wasn’t as expected to be. I’m quite depressed. A friend suggested to me to guess a moderate grade (read: he suggested B) and try to count up the GPA. I tried and I am not happy with the GPA.

I waited a little longer, then I try to access again, Alhamdulillah the grade was there. Much more than it was expected to be. I counted the GPA again, and I am very happy. Some of the grades made me sad, but then the GPA heals me lots even though it lower (read: kurang 0.172) from the targeted GPA. Overall, syukur!

و شكر الله الحمد لله!

لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله

Conclusion: Result retrieved, but no GPA yet (read: kire sendiri le).

Moral (read: reminder):

1- Have a buddy to accompany you in anything. You will be at least a little stronger.

2- Be prepared always, because we don’t know what is coming towards.

3- Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. I learn this from RAFEST ‘06/07 when I conducted one of the programmes.

4- Make actions if you wanted something to change. (Read: kalo takleh access result silelah report. Jangan duk tunggu je. Isk.)

5- Allah won’t easily give us something we want, instead He always give the best out of it.

6- Don’t forget to always be a grateful servant of Allah. Alhamdulillah wa syukru liLLah!

7- Cheer up for the future incoming. Be prepared, keep praying and gambate!

والله أعلم با لصواب