27 October 2007

the hopes..

the final exam is finally reaching us..

InshaAllah by this morning we will be having the first final examination paper, nine papers to be done, nine of us.

a message from ustaz hasbullah, lecturer of islamic worldview

My Hope

1. Dont make exam is everything ..... but then, after exam you will get nothing ....
2. Always depend on Allah .... WHO will guide the eximiner to evaluate your answer and performance justly with the spirit of rahmat.... Be closed to Allah , Allah will be closed to You more than yourself.....
3. Be sincere in your study, you will be blessed later on..... soon or future life...

I do my Best and YOU do your Best and ALLAH manages the REST....

Good Luck.

Ya Allah, lapangkanlah hati-hati kami, permudahkan segala urusan, berikan kekuatan, ketenangan dan keyakinan yang mantap kepadaMu..
aku pohon dengan sangat, pohon dengan sangat..pohon dengan sangat..
Rabbi yassir, rabbi yassir, watammim bil khair..ameen.