19 December 2009

Ada sesuatu yang kamu boleh mulakan sekarang :)

jika selama ni tiap kali raya haji datang, kamu rasa terkilan sebab tak dapat buat kurban kerana tak cukup duit atau masih belajar atau etc2 pelbagai sebab yang menyebabkan kamu terkilan..

sekarang sudah mula tahun baru, awal muharram. Maka apa kata kamu simpan duit RM1 tiap hari. InshaAllah by the time untuk kurban, kamu boleh guna that money untuk ibadah itu.

kan kan kan...

12 December 2009

hopefully this wud encourage you

For many of us here, the semester is just started. For some of us there, the semester will be started few weeks later (as most of us are still studying). But what we are sure is, the Islamic new calendar for a new year will be coming soon, the month of Muharram. Just a week ahead. InshaAllah, jika dipanjangkan usia. Ameen.

The examination result is out. Moreover, we already know how far or how less we strive for the previous semester, or all this while. Not to see the result as an indicator, but the effort you gave in.

Since our academic is our priority now (no need to mention our religion etc, thats already an obligation, u understand what i mean.. :P ), I would like to request from all of us, to renew the spirit, to correct what is wrong, since you are capable to make action on it. Bersempena Muharram lah kalau nak katanya, if you ever need something to be as an indicator for your new spirit. As a reason maybe, or anything you would like it to be. As u wish. "kama tuhib" kata orang di middle east.

Rasa tak bersemangat sebelum ni, rasa malas, takde mood, bosan dan sebagainya yang tak best berada dalam diri dalam konsep menuntut ilmu ini, let us channel them back to the right path. To fight with it, not to let them be the King, or the Queen of yourself :D

The only person who could change you, is YOU.

If only those things (rasa malas, takde semangat, penat, bosan, susah sangat, men facebook 24jam etc) that lead you to drop down, or not to excell academically, that's the things which no other words to say, but is nothing compared to other big problems which are beyond your control.

These things, even thou you see them, as something which really hard to cater, but they are still under your control. Isnt it..? You are the one, the only one who capable to choose either to
let them get over you, or to overcome/bear with them. What you choose, you get back.

You are lucky enough my friends, you only have those things which bothering you around. You yourself. Again i say, rasa malas, rasa tak semangat, rasa bosan, rasa penat, rasa macam terlalu banyak dan komplikated nak stady etc...dan pelbagai perasaan yang tak best yang mengganggu ke-semangatan untuk excel in study. Why did I say ONLY, coz, they are something you could control, they are under your control. You can choose to change, you can choose to fight over them. Believe me ^_^

Thus, apa lagi yang kita masih mahu tangguh2 dan amik masa untuk termenung dan berfikir. Kenapa perlu kita amik masa untuk merenung nasib sedangkan kita mampu mengerah diri kita untuk bangun dan merubahnya. Right...?
Mungkin kamu terasa macam terpaksa buat sesuatu yang our own body refuse to, tapi bila lepas buat akan dapat kepuasan, for what you gain.

I said this to you...kerana semua ni under your control. Kamu boleh atasi dengan kemahuan diri sendiri. You are lucky, coz you cud renew the actions. But there are people who cant do anything, for things that are bothering them, because it is beyond their control.

For me, when other people going to renew their spirits for their academic every start of semester, or new year etc, I just can stand still, bear with what God give me, the sickness, which always make me stuck to excel academically. This is not to gain your sympathy, but for you to open up your eyes, to be grateful for things you can change, for thing which are in your hand.

For me, the sickness is just okay, but i cannot stand when it stuck me to revise :D Even, that's not something too big for me, as I feel, the pressure from the environment to a sick person like me, is more cruel than that. It is worst than I cannot study during the examination period etc. The environment, the people.
And I really wish the lecturers have better words to say to me rather than "You can just stop studying" or "postponed your study, extend your semester".

It's okay if they did not understand me, or treat me as a normal people like other students, but I cannot bear if they get my spirits down. I am trying hard to bear with the 24hours-pain, I am fighting to get an academic certificate with this terrible condition of mine, and I am striving to act so normal, in this university.
I just need the support from the community for me to go on bear with the pain, not a sympathy nor a pressure to destroy my spirits~!

So people, think again. If you were to choose, "to fight for your study with pain + malas" or just "to fight only with the rasa malas"...which one is better?
Think again. Be grateful.

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2 December 2009

bagaimana hatinya jika kau mau tahu

seorang anak
yang mencungkil hati ibunya
untuk dijadikan santapan
berlari sambil membawa bersama
hati ibu yang telah dicungkil tadi

anak itu
tiba-tiba terjatuh
hati yang tergenggam di tangan juga terjatuh
penuh bersalut pasir

hati ibu
yang telah jatuh dan kotor bersalut pasir itu
terus bertanya,
"Cederakah kamu anakku..?"

begitulah hati ibumu
hati ayahmu
terhadapmu duhai anak

begitulah hati mereka
andai kamu mahu tahu.