31 August 2008

Sebulan Kembara Rohani

InshaAllah esok bermula kembara selama sebulan. Kembara rohani dalam usaha untuk kembali kepada fitrah asal manusia yang cenderung hanya kepada kebaikan. Ramadhan ni lebih mudah kerana nafsu ditundukkan, lebih mudah membentuk diri.

Pernah dengar cerita mengenai nafsu?

Sheikh Imam Muhammad Al Mahdi Abdullah sentiasa bercerita kepada murid-muridnya bagaimana hebatnya nafsu berlawan dengan Allah ketika pertama kali penciptaan nafsu.

Allah bertanya kepada nafsu, "Wahai nafsu, siapa engkau dan siapa aku ini?"

"Engkau adalah engkau, aku adalah aku." Jawab nafsu.

Allah kemudian mencampakkan nafsu ke dalam neraka paling panas selama 1000 tahun, kemudian dikeluarkan dan ditanya lagi, "Wahai nafsu, siapa engkau dan siapa aku ini?"

Tetap jawapannya, "Engkau adalah engkau, aku adalah aku."

Kemudian dicampakkan pula selama 1000 tahun ditempat yang sangat sejuk, tetap jawapannya "Engkau adalah engkau, aku adalah aku."

Allah murka kepadanya, lantas dimasukkan ke dalam lautan lapar selama 1000 tahun.

Apabila ditanya kembali, "Wahai nafsu, siapa engkau dan siapa aku ini?"

"Engkau adalah Tuhanku Yang Maha Agung, dan aku hamba-Mu yang
lemah." Akuinya.

Sukarnya hendak menundukkan nafsu, hanya berjaya apabila dipuasakan. Abu Sulaiman ad-Darani ada berkata, "Kunci dunia adalah kenyang dan kunci akhirat adalah lapar."

Sejajar dengan itu, moga kita dapat manfaatkan Ramadhan yang datang sebagai platform kembara kita dalam membina kembali rohani kearah fitrah sebenar insan. Mari bina kembali diri~!

"Ya Allah, dorongkanlah kami kearah kebaikan..ameen"

Ahlan Ya Ramadhan al Mubarak~~

electron excitation! :D

*sape leh teka gambar kat atas tu ape dan di mana :D

note: cite kat atas tuh if ada pape salah maklumat, sila alertkan patik, tq.

30 August 2008

Past Present Future

Hari graduasi SESTER batch 0004

"Hasanah pun lama dah tak datang jenguk sekolah." Cikgu Fauzi bersuara.

Aku tunduk mendengarkan kata-kata seorang guru. Segan. Kali terakhir aku jenguk bandar KT adalah Jun 2007.

Mungkin sedikit haru apabila guru itu datang mencari kami di UIA semalam...dan belanja makan~! :D

Beliau tidak pernah menjadi guruku, tapi beliau antara guru yang cukup ku kagumi, cukup prihatin.

Beliau guru pasukan debat Bahasa Melayu si dia, yang sentiasa kasihankan kami, pasukan bahas Bahasa Inggeris kerana dilatih dengan tegas~ (: akulah tu yang paling kuat menangis.

Hari anugerah peringkat negeri

Kerana didikan berbahasa yang tegas itulah membawa aku hingga ke tahap ini. Dan buat aku sangat menyayangi mereka.

Terima kasih guru, membakar diri untuk kami!

Hari Kecemerlangan SBP 2003 di SM Sains Muar-Cg Fauzi in purple

Dewan Makan (DM) yang sentiasa dirindui~!

Wallahu'alam.. (:

The radiation dose

Im in a red hat thinking style now. Emotional thinking.

This early morning, second compound for this semester. The first one is regarding this matter.

: Offence number 33, failure to register at Mahallah. I was informed that we doesn't need to register for the new semester as they already registered us, the participants for I-Quest + taaruf induction course, which were done before the new academic session starts.

The mahallah office already had our names, and I kept wondering why they missed us, siap issued compound lagi. And I still remember, when I have my key for practical session, the staff did promise me to automatically register us for new semester. Thus, siapa yang bersalah untuk kes ini sebenarnya..??

I was quite bengang, kind of ignore and my friends yang did the appeal letter for me. Heh, thanks friends. Yet still we have to pay, a quite large amount for something which is not our fault at all.

Second: Offence number 34, absent from mahallah after 12 midnite. For the whole one year staying in IIUM, this is not my first time sending friends to the bus terminal after midnight. For at least we will spend 35 minutes outside. 20 minutes pergi balik, 15 minutes waiting for the bus (takkan nak biar kawan perempuan tunggu bus sorang2 tengah malam). For at least.

But this time, when we reached the main entrance, the compound notice already been issued, means already written. Hence, it cannot be cancelled.

"Kalau antar kawan pergi terminal, 15 minit je boleh keluar." Said the 'Kakak' at the security post when we went back to collect our matric cards at the security post.

"Mintak maaf akak, kami tak pernah tahu wujud rule tu. Kalau kami tahu, mesti kami dah balik cepat." I replied.

"Lagipun guard sebelum kitorang keluar tak cakap apa-apa pun." My friend added up. The problem is, we never had this kind of problem before.

"Owh die baru, tatau sangat." Said the 'kakak'. I thought I already see that 'abang' since the previous academic session, maybe I'm wrong.

I explained something, and rose scarlet did the same. The 'kakak' said it was on my friend's own risk for having the journey late at night. And also our fault for not knowing the so called '15 minutes rule'. Well, Im not that cruel.

But maybe she was kind of regret for issuing the compound before knowing our reasons. I guess so.

Again, given a compound for an offence which is not our fault.

It was at least, their mistake jugak:
1) Did not centralize all security guards regarding the rule which is NOT stated in the list of offences.
2) Did not remind the students everytime before they go out sending friend to the bus terminal as the rule is NOT stated in the list of offences.
3) Assuming all students did know the rule which is NOT stated in the list of offences.

"Mintak maaf akak, salah saya sebab tak tahu..."After setahun lebih baru tahu, great~!

And my mistake sebab:
1) too worried about my friend who is alone, and did wait until she is safe in the bus.

"Takpe, boleh buat rayuan bagi kurang, tapi dalam 14 hari lah." Said the 'akak' with guilty face.

"Takpelah akak, kami bayar jelah." I replied.

I don't care about the amount of money, but I am really sad on how they deal and on how they consider+judge something.

I did remember what my Deputy Dean had said to all of us. "You disobey the rule, they can always issued compund to you. Yes you can pay, but that indicates your intellect only worth RM50."

Owh, my intellect actually only worth RM50.

Anyone of you did know about the so-called 15 minutes rule...???

*picture above is my fellow classmate dealing with one of the conventional x-ray machines during our practical session. To be emo tonite, I wanted to expose a high radiation dose to people who did have no consideration~~!

29 August 2008

H + S

My mood is on two diseases right now: Homesickoma + sicknessitis


This is the cause of the so-called homesickoma;

If everyday I have a very hectic life, but today, 90% of my life is in the car. Heh. Since early in the morning jadi driver hantar teman-teman ke Terminal Makmur. Baktisiswi (berbakti kepada mahasiswi) sebelum mula cuti. Mentang-mentang kena stayback.

Im glad to help those friends, and make their heart at ease. Ease-because they got a driver and could be there safely.

Favourite words from them today: "Jom makan sama buat kali terakhir sebelum cuti."
Thus, sejak semalam our meal were been sponsored~!
What I could detect from their words is, "pasni puasa susah nak kuar makan waktu siang sama-sama."
Aite..? Haha.

Ramadhan is coming, I'm very much excited..!!

Kampus beransur lengang, dan kini lengang yang amat.

All this were the cause of my homesickoma. Heh, stop bangau-ing~!

Okay, 12.30midnite, another baktisiswi on the go~.

note updated: To some friends yang did not arrive according to expected time to your hometown due to technical problems of the buses etc, harapnya sudah berbahagia di rumah dan segala kebengang-an sudah hilang :D

*how terrible your mood is, try to give your smile to others. Smile is the easiest sadaqah.

~senyum seindah suria, yang membawa cahya-

*senyumlah walau bukan dari hati murni

28 August 2008

Power of Unity

Have any of you did watch the Olympics 2008 Opening Ceremony (OC) previously...?
What I could conclude from the OC;

1. was well-organized + excellent performance
fantastic + eye-catching performance
perfect combination of modern technology and traditional Chinese culture

I was really impressed when thousands of people performed the shadow boxing. How they could unite everyone, with same movement, flawless~.

If United States shows their power with war, but Beijing showed their power with the 'power of unity'. How they could manage thousands of people, having great technology during the OC and also being as one of the most successful Olympics in history.

This is what I would like to call as a 'Political Stand'.

Means, they can say, "Hallo America, don't play the fool on us~!"


*if you did not watch the video yet, please do so. You won't be regret (:

Let us come along and get together
Affirm our faith in God and the Messenger
Light the flame of love in him, warm and brighter
Hold the rope, and trust in him forever

Divided we will (we'll) fall, United we stand
Unity bears the fruit of unification
Triple I.C.E is ever our mission
Excellence in all we do is our vision

We are the torchbearers for the Ummah
Guided by the (-) Qur'an and Sunnah
Matriculation Centre of (-) IIUM
The gate of The (-) Garden, Knowledge and Virtue

in remembrance of Matric IIUM's song, the lyric is created by a person who close to me, and it really touches my heart. Paling bersemangat kalau nyanyi lagu ni :D kan?

27 August 2008

Esok exam ke-3 sem ini

Tibe-tibe blackout lagi malam ni.

harap bersabar (:

Blackout, tapi tak dengar pun bunyi capacitor discharge macam biasa..
Rasa syubhah berganda..


Tidak semua merasakan hari bahagia adalah hari bahagia
Kadangkala hari bahagia itulah berlakunya peristiwa duka

Fahami teman yang mengalami
Maafkan teman yang tidak mengetahui

Duka itu ada, tapi berbahagialah untuk mereka yang disekeliling kita
Gembira itu ada, tapi ingatilah saat duka andai sesuatu tiba-tiba menjelma.

Be tough dear friend
As Allah always knows best.

26 August 2008

The pain

Ya Allah, dengan kasih sayangMu,
kurangkanlah kesakitanku..

Akan berdiskusi sebentar lagi, dengan keadaan kritikal ini, bukan tidak boleh menarik diri, tapi, bakal menghampakan ramai hati.

Teringat kata-kata seorang teman sebentar tadi. Dia sangat mahu menonton perkembangan pilihanraya jam 9.30 malam ini, tapi,

"Perjuangan kita kat sini lagi penting nih. Kena start diskas 9.30 malam ni."

Aku bersemangat dan akan kuat untukmu teman~!

Permission guarranteed

Regarding to his comment on this entry,

"at least you answered something rather than nothing, kan?

ko sangat tabah as. saket2, maseh gagah ke kelas. tahniah!"

I then remembered when I have my hand being hang with arm sling going to class. The lecturer said with a motherly voice,

"Kalau tak sehat, just amik MC next time. Tak perlu la datang kelas."

I then heard a quick, slow reply from a friend beside me,

"Kalau macam tu, sepanjang sem la As MC. Hari-hari pun sakit."

I smiled. That's really true. If I really practice that, I need to take MC for the whole semester, because everyday I'm in a great pain. In short, extend the semester.

And I have a big grin as regards to her answer because, that's the repeated answer every time she heard someone advising me for not going to class if I'm sick.

:D ngee..

And dear szakif,
I'm not that tough, because I did skip classes many times until my lecturer put my status as 'with apology' and also did offered me to change course. (:


He's in

Sudah lama saya menanti dia hadir ke lapangan ini secara rasmi.

Selepas panjang suaranya di fiqh medic.

Dia yang sentiasa bernas dengan idea, kini boleh ditemui di sini juga.

Dia bukan siapa-siapa, tapi seorang teman lama yang saya berbesar hati dapat bekerja bersama.

The hardest part of me being your partner once upon time ago is, it is really hard for me to add up anything regarding your words, as you always make it almost flawless.

Thanks for being a great mu'allim (:

25 August 2008


After 4 hours of sitting listening to the lectures non-stop on Saturday morning, I started to feel bored.

I rub the eraser on the table, non-stop, aiming to reduce the pain (read: taking away the mind focus from the pain). I cannot sit for a longer period as regards to my spine's problem (read: scoliosis).


"Okay, let's have some questions answered. We start with you." The external lecturer pointed on me. Erk, is it because me rubbing the table with the eraser and looks like having my mind away?

"What are the x-ray tube component?"

"Er..the envelope, cathode and anode." I replied on sudden.

"Okay, then?" She said and set off to seat comfortably, giving a sign I need to explain many things. Aiseh.

"Glass envelope which contains vacuum to support the electrodes. Cathode as the source of the x-rays, made of tungsten, where the thermionic emission occurs, transfer the electrons to the anode. Anode function as the target material."

Jangan tertipu, all weren't guaranteed to be exactly true. It was answered slowly, but I did not speak hesitantly. For at least, I have some facts in mind to be manipulated.

"Ok, soemone please help."

Mawar Merah then said, "The vacuum envelope, cathode and anode."

"La, samalah tuh." The lecturer replied."You missed the vacuum.

Er, vacuum envelope tu tak sama eh dengan vacuum..? Orait..kena banyak lagi baca neh.

Someone who looks like he/she did not listen, doesn't mean they really are. Someone who looks like he/she did not focus, doesn't mean they are not listening.
Which means, “Cekgu, we are listening to you and we are able to answer you, for at least, even though we manipulate the facts.” :D ngeee

Moral value: Dengar bila cekgu bercakap ;)

*Berkat guru tu penting..

24 August 2008

the call

Biasanya pada setiap Jumaat, panggilan Abang sounded like this,

"Abang lalu Kuantan, nak balik skali tak..?"

Tapi ketika break class jam 11am tadi, Abang menelefon dan soalannya dah bertukar.

"Hari ni kelas habis jam brape..? Nak singgah jap.."

Erk, Abang da hafal agaknya tiap hujung minggu adiknya ada kelas, sebab tu takde dah solan nak ikut balik tak.

Then dah boleh agak apa yang Abang bawak, sebab inilah yang salu Abang bawak kalau singgah.

1. Berbotol-botol 100 plus (sebab adiknya addicted to 100 plus)
2. Dutch Ludy yogurt drink (minuman ruji adiknya di rumah)
3. Biskut Tiger
4. Dutch Lady chocolate flavour milk sedozen (minuman ruji adiknya di kampus)

5. Home made nasik..!! Yeay!

[Ibu pun kalau singgah, bawak yang sama.]

Selalu perhatikan Abang. Tegas, tegar. Menegur dengan ketegasan, garang jugak kadang-kadang. Selalunya expressionless, emotionless. Bercakap cam takde perasaan pape je, straight je. Belum sempat saya ketuk dia, dia akan ketuk saya dulu. But I loves his smiles.

Tapi, segala sayang dan kasih, ambil berat, risau...
semuanya diekspresikan melalui perbuatan.
Actions speak louder than words. Itu yang saya nampak jelas dan saya pegang.

*Kalau dia risau, dia buat-buat marah. Haha.

Itulah cara lelaki ekspresikan diri. Jangan ah sedih jika tiada kata-kata pemanis bicara daripada mereka, perbuatan mencerminkan segalanya.

nota: Lelaki tuh merujuk kepada ahli keluarga, harap maklum. So perempuan, jangan ah pasan sangat plak...!

23 August 2008

sharing is not caring, sometimes

Ingin aku kongsi rasa hatiku denganmu,
Ingin aku rebahkan sebakku di dadamu,
Ingin aku tebar airmataku,
Agar aku bisa utuh berdiri dengan dukunganmu!

Ku dengar suaramu,
Ku tatap wajahmu,
Hati meronta minta dihantar padamu,
Agar hilang segala bisa derita yang bertakung.

Dirimu cukup sudah dengan derita yang sedia,
Diriku tidak mahu menuang lagi derita,
Selagi hati ini tegar,
Selagi hati ini kental,
Di situ akan kekal letaknya,
segala perit pedih kesakitan.

Untukmu Ibu,
Aku cuba untuk terus berjuang,
Mengharungi dugaan Tuhan!

Sukarnya untuk bicara pada yang disayangi mengenai kesakitan diri. Mungkin menambah luka duka hatinya. Menambah risau di dada.
Aku ingin berkongsi denganmu Ibu, namun tiap kali itu aku tak berdaya.

Selesai panggilan, letak telefon, airmata berderai...setiap kali.


Nota: Gambar diambil petang 10 Ogos 2008, tiba-tiba langit sangat gelap dan hujan mula lebat. Er...MM, is it really your special day..??

22 August 2008

the raindrop

Pelangi pagi pertama yang saya lihat di UIA. Dated 10th August 2008.

19 August 2008

tidak bertajuk

It was on last Sunday morning during the post mortem of IQuest when I received a text message from my lecturer asking me to present a topic to the class on Monday morning. To add up, I have two ad hoc presentations for Monday.

The other one is on leadership skills, given the task on Wednesday evening. Four of us in the group were so busy with I-Quest and we did not prepare anything. Sakini with her stall stuffs, Karimah with her taekwando tournament, Najwa with her exhibition and me with my public relation + exhibition.

The next morning, half and hour before our class start, I read through the topic and not so worried as my lecturer offered me his power point presentation :D

But, unfortunately, when I started to present that morning, the points on my lecturer's slides weren't the same with what stated in the book. Hu. Thus, I just present what had been stated there and relate them more on applications. It gave me a great pleasure when my lecturer had a big smile along my presentation and saying good things after that.

"Thank you for the good presentation." He said few times with big smiles. Hehe.

Najwa smiled and said,

"That's why you are under Public Relation committee."

Haha, the skill of manipulating the facts, er, I mean, explaining the facts :D

That morning, Sakini and Karimah busy preparing for the handouts while in the afternoon Najwa and me busy preparing for the gifts. Luckily our class that afternoon had been postponed.

We handle talks, a bombing game for everyone, and prepare gifts for them. After hard efforts for few hours, this is how they look like.

For some friends who got my text message asking for any arts shop that you know, actually this is the reason why. In fact, no one did give me any answer pun, unless these two fellows: Matematis Muda and Master J. Itupun jawapan memberitahu bahawa mereka tidak tahu :D

Thus, at last, I did the art on my own, easier and FOC. Hehe. Thanks a lot to my great teammates, as always, since the first semester.

Our coordinator did commented on our presentation and told us that he really value something from it, which is the heart-winning part. And everything went great! Everyone did enjoy the talks and the game. Yeay!!

Supposedly my PBL group need to present on the Maple Syrup Urine Disease today, but it was postponed to this Friday. Alhamdulillah..

Need to prepare for Biochems mid semester examination tomorrow and ethics, fiqh the next day. May Allah ease everything, inshaAllah. Bismillahi tawakkalna!

Dearest my partner,
see you in the meeting tomorrow, again. Heh. Thanks lots for the great contribution before, during, and after the I-Quest 08.

Dear my bloggermates, and now already my I-Quest 08 ex-teammates,
The PM
Mr Secretary I,
Mr Secretary II,
Mr PR,
Mr Stall,
Miss Stall,
Miss OC,

Great job, well done!
(please refer here)

Remember, no matter how good we've prepared, wallahu khairul maakirin.

Inna ma'al 'usri yusra, fainna ma'al 'usri yusra..

16 August 2008

The promise

Sebulan lepas, bicara dengan kakak, seorang peguam.

"Kalau takde fakta, makhamah buat macam mana if saling tuduh-menuduh jugak?"

"Sumpah lah, last resort." Jawab kakak.

"Sumpah macam mana?"

"Nama dia sumpah laknat." Tersedak air yang aku minum. Sumpah laknat? Nama saja cukup menggerunkan. Melihat muka adik yang berubah, si kakak menambah. "kalau tak salah, tak kisah je nak buat sumpah laknat."

Betul. Betul. Kalau tak bersalah tak kisah pun sumpah laknat.

"Er akak, sumpah laknat macam mana bunyi dia?"

"Pegang Qur'an, sebut nama sume, beri pengakuan, dan jika berdusta, bersumpah laknat Allah atas dia sampai kiamat."



Janji Allah itu pasti.....

Call in

Pulang dari hospital, tangan beranduh.

Mereka tanya, kenapa tangan..?

"Penat jawab call in.." sambil sengih :D

Era jawab telefon berturut-turut lum tamat rupanya.

Anduh itu indikasi pertambahan bilangan surgery yang akan dilakukan.

Ya Allah....

11 August 2008

kerana dunia

'Masalah keduniaan kita hanya mampu dilenyapkan dengan kematian kita.'

Beberapa tahun dahulu, itulah pesan daripada dia.

Sahabat, I take your words,

"Pergi tido dulu, bangun esok fikir semula."

Oyait captain!

p/s: itupun jika kesakitan membenarkan mata ditutup ;)

10 August 2008

The rise

It was about one year ago since I last watch the sunrise. It is at Beserah Beach.

This morning I've planned to have the view again, but mission failed. It was raining heavily when I arrived at TC beach, alone. I'm a bit frustrated. :(

But I did go for swimming at Pantai Sepat with some friends this morning, around 9.30am. It was my first time swimming at beach since last 10 years. We were a bit unlucky, the ocean's wave was so heavy. However we did have a great time, alhamdulillah.


(Again, walimah..ramainya kawen skang neh :D )

Tahniah Bro Zamzuri + Sis Aflah
(Ketua Jabatan Pengimejan Diagnostik & Radioterapi) + (Ketua Jabatan Sains Nutrisi)

Moga barakah Allah ke atas dirimu berdua dan berkekalan ke negeri abadi! AMeen

8 August 2008

Jom Heboh? Let's not. (Part 2)

It was quite late, but at least i fulfill my promise with him to write something on the same issue but in different perspective. InshaAllah.

It was Sunday late afternoon when we (I, Master J, Candlesky and Nabil Biotech) finish our duty for our IIUM Open Day. I went out from IIUM with some friends and was quite suprised seeing the slow traffic flow with lots of cars.

"Eh apsal banyak pulak kete petang nih, bukan Sunday ke hari ni, bukannye orang balik kerja." I was saying that to my friends. We still doubting until we almost reached the traffic light next to the Jom Heboh area.

We were doubtful seeing many cars being parked everywhere at the road side.

"La, Jom Heboh lah, patutlah jammed." She said.

"Aiseh, camne leh lupa ada Jom Heboh."

"Hmm..kite je yang lupa, orang lain tak. Malam ni kan concert."

It was 6.30pm, the traffic flow was so slow, we waited for so long at the traffic light. And that was and advantage for us to take some lessons as learning issues.

It was raining, parents were walking at the road side together with their small children as they park very far away from the Jom Heboh site. I cannot understand what is exactly in their mind. They do not mind to bring along the children, walking all the way in the rain, going to a place which is surely will give nothing to the children! I really pity the kids.

That night we went to the so-called Jom Heboh, helping those friends doing the promotion for IIUM Open Day. Aiming to bring them from a 'bad' programme to a better one, for at least. Only a few were available to help, thus we walk in pair.

To make it short, it was a scary experience going to that such place. What kind of mind they have which made them feel happy going there. Each of us has different perception. Rambut sama hitam, fikiran lain-lain. In addition, now we already have different colours of hair :D This is the real faces of our people. Hedonism.

Pity the kids when the parents bought them the 'syaitaan' horns and put the horns on their heads. Oh my..they were only little kids, know nothing, and been introduced with that such thing at that age.

That night I went back to IIUM with great pain on my back, shoulder and leg. We carried many brochures, and I injured myself only because of that. But I do not mind as long as the message reach them. When we give the brochures, we will say,

"Festival..kat UIA"

And most of them quickly grab the brochures and asked,

"Eh, UIA pun ade festival..??"


My body hurt much after that, but what is more hurt is my heart.

That night we could see children slept on their parents shoulder, sleepy faces of kids everwhere.

"Esok sekolah, mak ayah kerja, boleh je lagi datang tengok konsert sampai lewat malam. Isy, tak faham." That was what my roomate said.

Duhai ayah, duhai Ibu,

"Tiap-tiap anak dilahirkan berkeadaan fitrah (suci bersih), maka kedua-dua ibu bapanyalah yang menjadikannya Yahudi, Nasrani atau Majusi"

Narated from Bukhari.


Read also:

Jom Heboh. Let's not (Part 1)

Alkisah Abang

Jumaat 2.30pm, kedai fotostat. Abang telefon.

"Nak balik umah tak, abang lalu Kuantan ni, leh singgah amik adik."

"Erk..petang ni kena pi IPT." Jawab si Adik.

"Takpe, lepas tu ikut la abang balik umah."

"Er..takleh, esok 9 to 12 ada kelas la abang.." Nada kecewa.

"Laa..dari sem 1 camtuh."

Eh, abang nye pulak yang tolong merungut untuk Adik :D

Lama sudah tak pulang, sejak bukak sem, tunggu puasalah. InshaAllah.

Pertanyaan si Abang adalah rentetan Adiknya hanya boleh drive tak lebih daripada 40 minit sebelum dia akan kesakitan dek kerana menekan pedal minyak dan brek.


Thanks Abang, lama giler tak jumpa. Dekat dua bulan. Ucapan hari lahir yang lepas mengharukan hati..sejak bila abang dah jadi romantik neh..

5 August 2008

No suprise, no cake, please.

Terima kasih Ibu, bawaku ke dunia.
Terima kasih Ayah, menjagaku selama hayat ini.
Terima kasih!

Saya pesan pada sahabat-sahabat,

"hari lahir kali ni, please, no suprise, no cake."

Yesterday, I am exhausted and slept around 11.00pm after a very tiring hard effort finding things for our DDIR exhibition under KAHS. That was so weird for me to sleep that early. My roomates all slept at 12mid night. That was weird too. People did tried to enter our room after 12mid nite for the suprise, but that was'nt their lucky night.

"Hallo people, did'nt I remind you guys not to give me any suprise or cake this year..?"

And today, we have classes all day long. I even dying of rice since last night. This morning I did'nt have the appetite to eat rice, and busy with classes all day long. And now at this hour, late night, dying of rice. Yes, rice!

This afternoon around 6.45pm they all came again for the suprise, again it is not their lucky day. I am in terrible pain of migraine and gastric, plus kidney-pain. Thus, the cake was paused to be celebrated.

Tonite before going to make up the banner for HEALS exhibition, I opened up the cake to give it to my brother (as usual). But, I am so sad seeing what has happened to the so-called cake made by secreto recepito.

the cake is melting!

And I am so sad. Sedih + sebak mengenangkan sahabat yang memberi kek tersebut.

Terima kasih sahabat!

I really wanted some food right now!

4 August 2008

You will never walk alone

Sahabat, aku mahu kau kuat dan terus bertahan,
Bertahan dengan kekuatan daripada Ilahi,
do'a itu senjata mukmin.

Aku bersyukur, hingga ke tahap ini Tuhan membawamu,
apatah lagi sedikit sahaja lagi yang perlu kau tempuh.

Sahabat, sungguh-sungguh aku mohon kau bertahan,
dan jangan putus asa dari bantuanNya
kau Dia sayangi,
Takut dan haraplah hanya padaNya.

Sungguh teman,
jangan kau jatuh
kerna aku takkan sekali-sekali benarkan ia berlaku
aku, begitu menyayangimu sahabat
jauh di dalam hatiku

Moga Allah kurniakan kekuatan buatmu, hanya di sisiNya segala pengharapan!

"Syurga yang dipilih di dunia ialah redha kepada qadhak Allah, dekat hati kepada Allah, bermunajat kepadaNya, menyingkap tabir yang ada diantaranya dengan Allah. Ini akan menjadikan pemilik hati itu bagai berteman dengan Allah di dalam kesunyiannya, tanpa perincian dan tanpa perumpamaan."

- petikan kitab karangan Sheikh Abdul Kader al-Jailani


Surgeries, cancelled, three times within 3 weeks.

15th July 2008, Tawakal Hospital.

28th July 2008, Kuantan Medical Centre.

1st August 2008, HTAA.

And I am actually cannot accept this..

Dunno what gonna happened.


1 August 2008

Entri Edisi Khas

Buat teman, selamat ulang tahun kelahiran, hari ini, 1 Ogos.

Katamu, banyak kau dalami erti persahabatan dariku. Mungkin hakikatnya bukan aku yang banyak mengajar, tapi keadaan kita yang melahirkannya.

Mohon kau terus bertahan dengan kekuranganku.

Buat teman-teman rapat sebulan kelahiran denganku,

(kebanyakannya adalah teman di bangku sekolah menengah)

Najwa + Naufa - 1 Ogos
My Twin - 5 Ogos
Tim - 6 Ogos
Didie + kak Syida - 7 Ogos
Iman - 8 Ogos
Rashidah - 9 Ogos
Sofia + Firdaus + Kamil - 10 Ogos
Kid - 11 Ogos
Badrul Hisham - 16 Ogos
Gjah - 17 Ogos
Matematis Muda - 20 Ogos
Nomie - 23 Ogos
Kak Faridah - 24 Ogos
Amnie + Nadiah - 25 Ogos
Mujahid - 27 Ogos
Azri Abd Jalil - 29 Ogos
Yanna - 30 Ogos
Anept - 31 Ogos

Dear Allah, I love them with all my heart. Please promote them to excel above expectations dunia akhirah and please give them a tough heart for them to stand for others. Ameen~!


Demam dah kebah alhamdulillah.

Batuk masih tinggal, makin teruk.

Selsema da baik.

Tapi sejak pagi khamis asyik menjatuhkan airmata
Tak kira di kelas
atau di telefon dengan dia (sape suh kol salah time ;D )
Dek kerana terkesan jiwa dengan pelbagai derita

Ya Allah, banyak nye nak kena fikir secara dasyat
Antara sengsara dan derita
sukar untuk membina pertimbangan
keduanya menyesakkan jiwa

Aku, semakin hari semakin kembali!

p/s: Kembali selsema sebab banyak airmata tumpah