1 January 2010

what to do..?~

ada masa-masa kita terasa bosannya hari-hari kita
ada masa-masa kita rasa kebuntuan
ada masa-masa yang kita terasa kita perlu ubah kehidupan..

tapi selalunya semangat membantutkan kita
untuk menghasilkan semangat baru bukan semudah itu

you may try those below in the list

- try to do something new in your daily life
- try to have a new hobby
- try to meet new people
- try to work with new people
- try to do a new skill
- try to do anything you havent yet doing it

you will find the spirit
you will find the happiness
you will find the freshness of the day

most importantly
you will find your way
which has been the initial reason why you did these new things..
moga rahmat Ilahi bersama kamu, ameen :)

note: special dedication to friends whom always be besides me,
for your wonderful words when I couldnt find the way
and for your kindness through the days we have been together
only Allah is the best rewarder of all~!