22 September 2008

3 in 1

Last 18th Ramadhan we have our Ijtima' Al-Kubra 1429H for HEALS members, containing 3 big events.

Three events in one day.

1. 'Honor Thy Masters' during lunch hour
-or well known among those who belongs to Kuliyyah of Allied Health Sciences as Redhamu Mu'allim which been done every semester before the final examination. A session where lecturers give us some valuable words to be glued in mind. But this semester it was done earlier, due to some reasons, maybe.
I did not attend the ceremony but for at least I did contribute to the backdrop :D
I was in the hospital that afternoon, which at last I went back to uia without meeting the doctor. *kejar kelas at 2pm

Erm, bukan ke MAy lepas bebudak KOS ada cakap nak buat benda ni jugak tiap akhir sem..?

2. Recite the scripture + iftar
Alhamdulillah, before maghrib we have had this special moment for khatam Al-Quran, also been done every semester. I love this session as we all have our own Quranic Circle throughout each semester to finish up certain juzu' of the Qur'an where for at least every week we will sit together and hear everyone recite the kalamullah.
Here we could help each other in improving our recitation also for tadabbur.

3. Abide the leaders
Very well known by everyone as AGM (annual grand meeting) for HEALS, where again I attended this event only until 9.34pm. I cannot wait, we have to continue our jihad preparing ourselves for the examination on the next day :D
For a very close person to me, congrats for being as one of the top leaders, Allah knows that you can do it as He gives you the responsibility. I'm here to assist anytime you are in need, as always.

Khalas, all the 3 in 1~! Where only one which I manage to attend from the beginning till the end ;)


p/s: pls ignore the grammatical error this time around ;D


myadlan said...

wah.. nice.. khatam quran every semester.. i wish i can do that too..

nurilahi said...

dearest alan,
khatam quran together with frens..dat's really meaningful (: