8 August 2008

Jom Heboh? Let's not. (Part 2)

It was quite late, but at least i fulfill my promise with him to write something on the same issue but in different perspective. InshaAllah.

It was Sunday late afternoon when we (I, Master J, Candlesky and Nabil Biotech) finish our duty for our IIUM Open Day. I went out from IIUM with some friends and was quite suprised seeing the slow traffic flow with lots of cars.

"Eh apsal banyak pulak kete petang nih, bukan Sunday ke hari ni, bukannye orang balik kerja." I was saying that to my friends. We still doubting until we almost reached the traffic light next to the Jom Heboh area.

We were doubtful seeing many cars being parked everywhere at the road side.

"La, Jom Heboh lah, patutlah jammed." She said.

"Aiseh, camne leh lupa ada Jom Heboh."

"Hmm..kite je yang lupa, orang lain tak. Malam ni kan concert."

It was 6.30pm, the traffic flow was so slow, we waited for so long at the traffic light. And that was and advantage for us to take some lessons as learning issues.

It was raining, parents were walking at the road side together with their small children as they park very far away from the Jom Heboh site. I cannot understand what is exactly in their mind. They do not mind to bring along the children, walking all the way in the rain, going to a place which is surely will give nothing to the children! I really pity the kids.

That night we went to the so-called Jom Heboh, helping those friends doing the promotion for IIUM Open Day. Aiming to bring them from a 'bad' programme to a better one, for at least. Only a few were available to help, thus we walk in pair.

To make it short, it was a scary experience going to that such place. What kind of mind they have which made them feel happy going there. Each of us has different perception. Rambut sama hitam, fikiran lain-lain. In addition, now we already have different colours of hair :D This is the real faces of our people. Hedonism.

Pity the kids when the parents bought them the 'syaitaan' horns and put the horns on their heads. Oh my..they were only little kids, know nothing, and been introduced with that such thing at that age.

That night I went back to IIUM with great pain on my back, shoulder and leg. We carried many brochures, and I injured myself only because of that. But I do not mind as long as the message reach them. When we give the brochures, we will say,

"Festival..kat UIA"

And most of them quickly grab the brochures and asked,

"Eh, UIA pun ade festival..??"


My body hurt much after that, but what is more hurt is my heart.

That night we could see children slept on their parents shoulder, sleepy faces of kids everwhere.

"Esok sekolah, mak ayah kerja, boleh je lagi datang tengok konsert sampai lewat malam. Isy, tak faham." That was what my roomate said.

Duhai ayah, duhai Ibu,

"Tiap-tiap anak dilahirkan berkeadaan fitrah (suci bersih), maka kedua-dua ibu bapanyalah yang menjadikannya Yahudi, Nasrani atau Majusi"

Narated from Bukhari.


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Matematis Muda said...

apahal Nabil Cts?!?!?

nurilahi said...
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nurilahi said...

:D corrected

Master J said...

hehehe..nasib baik nabil biotech xbc2 blog..hehe..mrajuk dia plak nanti as tulis nama slh mmula =p

nice entry..gud 2 hav diff perspecctive..hehe..btw..candlesky sapa???i xtau lg =p

nurilahi said...

hehe, takpe nabil biotech sporting. NAk ngajuk pi jauh2 ;P

Dulu tuan punya nama candlesky nih duk cerita pasal namanya, as lupa lak time tuh JAz takde.


CUmanya she's very dear to u.

(^_^) Lady In Blue (^_^) said...

yeah,dat 'shaytaan' horns..
my friend asked me to buy two (for him n for her)
luckily i managed to make excuse coz i was already on my way back. :p