19 August 2008

tidak bertajuk

It was on last Sunday morning during the post mortem of IQuest when I received a text message from my lecturer asking me to present a topic to the class on Monday morning. To add up, I have two ad hoc presentations for Monday.

The other one is on leadership skills, given the task on Wednesday evening. Four of us in the group were so busy with I-Quest and we did not prepare anything. Sakini with her stall stuffs, Karimah with her taekwando tournament, Najwa with her exhibition and me with my public relation + exhibition.

The next morning, half and hour before our class start, I read through the topic and not so worried as my lecturer offered me his power point presentation :D

But, unfortunately, when I started to present that morning, the points on my lecturer's slides weren't the same with what stated in the book. Hu. Thus, I just present what had been stated there and relate them more on applications. It gave me a great pleasure when my lecturer had a big smile along my presentation and saying good things after that.

"Thank you for the good presentation." He said few times with big smiles. Hehe.

Najwa smiled and said,

"That's why you are under Public Relation committee."

Haha, the skill of manipulating the facts, er, I mean, explaining the facts :D

That morning, Sakini and Karimah busy preparing for the handouts while in the afternoon Najwa and me busy preparing for the gifts. Luckily our class that afternoon had been postponed.

We handle talks, a bombing game for everyone, and prepare gifts for them. After hard efforts for few hours, this is how they look like.

For some friends who got my text message asking for any arts shop that you know, actually this is the reason why. In fact, no one did give me any answer pun, unless these two fellows: Matematis Muda and Master J. Itupun jawapan memberitahu bahawa mereka tidak tahu :D

Thus, at last, I did the art on my own, easier and FOC. Hehe. Thanks a lot to my great teammates, as always, since the first semester.

Our coordinator did commented on our presentation and told us that he really value something from it, which is the heart-winning part. And everything went great! Everyone did enjoy the talks and the game. Yeay!!

Supposedly my PBL group need to present on the Maple Syrup Urine Disease today, but it was postponed to this Friday. Alhamdulillah..

Need to prepare for Biochems mid semester examination tomorrow and ethics, fiqh the next day. May Allah ease everything, inshaAllah. Bismillahi tawakkalna!

Dearest my partner,
see you in the meeting tomorrow, again. Heh. Thanks lots for the great contribution before, during, and after the I-Quest 08.

Dear my bloggermates, and now already my I-Quest 08 ex-teammates,
The PM
Mr Secretary I,
Mr Secretary II,
Mr PR,
Mr Stall,
Miss Stall,
Miss OC,

Great job, well done!
(please refer here)

Remember, no matter how good we've prepared, wallahu khairul maakirin.

Inna ma'al 'usri yusra, fainna ma'al 'usri yusra..


Matematis Muda said...

bkn secretary 2 ye
secretary 3

Master J said...

nape link xleh pakai??gmbr 2 ye nk tnjk??hehe..xjeles pun =p lain lah kalo beg 2 pnuh dgn kek secret recipe =p

Master J said...

oh yeah..nape korg kene buat psentation last minit nie??siap main game smua lg..ada hadiah lg..klas ke bday party bdk??hehe..

al-ikhsan said...


Inna ma'al 'usri yusra, fainna ma'al 'usri yusra..:D

nurilahi said...

Dearest MAtematis Muda,
sudah hafal your post, cuma it looks nicer when I put II after I. Aite?

Dearest Master J,
ni tak pueh hati ke ape neh sampai dua kali komen. Isk..

Kelas leadership, yang kite kena conduct sendiri tuh. Jadi kami watla sesuke hati kami :D

dengan niat taknak teman teman hadapi sesi penerimaan ilmu dalam keadaan yang membosankan. Buat talk, then men game, then talk, then bagi2 gifts. Gembirakan semua orang ;)

Kalau kami berempat jadi cekgu habislah kontang gaji tiap2 bulan :D

Present last minute sebab bitau last minute. Baru je start klas leadership last week, we are the first group, and coordinator nak habiskan 10 sessions in 2 weeks. Sebab tu jadi lagu tuh. (Shhh..jangan bitau kelas len tau!)

And itulah resam kehidupan kami sebagai dak2 KAHS sejak dulu. Tak pelik dah, alah bisa tegal biasa :)

Dearest AL ikhsan,
eh ni tengah cuti kah? How's life...?

candlesky said...

presentation yg besh...(xpasan pun..org len yg cakap g2 kan as???Dr pun ckp..heeeee)

sometimes,kekalutan membuatkan idea makin dtg mencurah2=)

al-ikhsan said...

*sorry out of topic..;P*

yup! memang tengah cuti skang ni sampai ahad..hehe~life's kat KMB is VERY BEST![grammar ke laut]huhuhu~

anwar yassin said...

akhirnya...meeting last I-Quest pun tamat ;D MRC masuk bicara........

nurilahi said...

Dearest Anwar,
All the best :D

szakif said...

ok. baru ingat nak cakap pasal pot nabil. so sudah dijelaskan. fine. in fact nabil, ko tu assistant secretary II ok~

owh. thanks utk nabil pasal berjaya menangkis pembulianku.. hek hek~

nurilahi said...

dearest szakif..

owh kuat buli gak eyh~~~