7 May 2008

8 random facts about me

This entry is dedicated specially for Faisal Admar. He tagged me.
(betul ke yang ni faisal..?? Huu..)

Those below are the 8 random fatcs about me:

1. I love number 5 and number 8 very much. Number 5 suites my family very well. My brothers and sisters, also my parents, the last 4 numbers on their phone numbers are 5555. Mum's car is WFF 5555 and mine is CCE 5555. Also my brothers/sisters.

2. Addicted to cakes.

3. Hospital is my second home. My workplace and also where I have my treatments.

4. I love cats very much. But anytime we bought cat, it will surely died very soon.

5. Sports lady, but not earning money with it(becoz my doctor ask me on this). Now it is really hard for me even to jog because of my sickness. *frustrated*

6. Thinking of arabic language everyday (just thinking how I cud master the communication) and thinking of baitul 'atiq (he, bilelah nak pergi).

7. I wanted to do marketing, but now in medical sector. Lalalala..

8. I hate tagging but I did it for friendship's sake =p *Copy paste, hihi*

Thus, I won't tag anyone. :)


Faisal Admar said...

hehe xie xie... terima kasih.

Anonymous said...

tag end here

NMZ said...

yeay, akhirnya ade end nye!

Camtu ye abang aalim?