20 May 2008

MH series 0005

Edited series

It was something to be shared, I got this from my blog’s comment form, for the entry ‘MH series 0003’ and I would like to add up something. Here it goes, from dinousar :)

the CT Scan machine

“totally agree :) I went for nose scanning-CT Scan. the procedure require patient to swallow 10 tabs corticosteroid, 12hrs b4 and 12 hrs after for patient having history of allergy. prophylaxis of corticosteroids only needed for scanning procedures which need contrast. Based on my experience, I know CT scan for nose didn't need contrast. Having background of pharmacy, I don’t want to experience unnecessary adverse effect of corticosteroids so I lied about my history and successfully avoid the unnecessary procedure. :) “

1) Prophylaxis = an advance guard or a measure taken for the prevention of a disease or condition.

2) Corticosteroid = have great potential in the treatment of a variety of conditions, from rashes to lupus to asthma. But corticosteroids also carry a risk of side effects. It was use to avoid allergy reaction due to the usage of contrast media on patient with history of allergy. Prednisolone also could be use.

Alhamdulillah this patient has the background knowledge. Corticosteroid only should be given to patient with history of allergy, itupun if there's a usage of contrast media during the CT scanning. If it is just a plain CT, the need for corticosteroid is not arise. Corticosteroid will give side effects, thus if it is not necessary, please don't give extra harm to patients.



Badrul Aini Sha'ari said...

salam perjuangan...

kalau nak gne smiley di post ana ade tutorial die:


Dr Kadir said...

Side Effects of Corticosteroids...

- hyperglycemia
- hyperlipidemia
- negative calcium potassium nitrogen balance
- Sodium water retention

- moon face
- truncal obesity
- hirsutism
- impotence
- menstrual irregularity
- Growth suppression

- avascular necrosis
- osteoporosis
- proximal myopathy

- thin skin, easily bruising
- striae
- acne
- facial erythema
- impaired wound healing

- Hypertension
- Congestive heart failure
- ischaemic heart disease

- Lymphopenia
- Suppression of delayed hypersensitivity,
- immunecompromised
- recurrent infection of TB

- impaired healing of NSAID induced peptic ulcer

- Galucoma
- Cataract

- changes of mood
- pycosis
- hyperactivity and insomnia
- benign intracranial hypertension

Just want to recall all the side effects. btw, maybe the person dont suffer all the effects and only will get it for prolonged used, but still will give uncomfortable and undesirable side effects... :)

NMZ said...

to dr kadir:

Syukron 'alaika jiddan for the list. Heh, tak sempat nak cari betul2, sebab buku takde kat umah. Very nice (^-^) alhamdulillah

mujahid said...

i hate Prednisolone!!!

nway saya pernah masuk dalam mulut dinosour it hehe

NMZ said...

as to mujahid:

mooja kena pe sampai kena masuk tuh..isk3..