9 April 2009

ok, aku dah ingat yang betul punya

special untuk pakcik 3p4h dan uncle aRiff 
thanks for ur deep concern, ini untuk melengkapkan komen anda rentetan entry ini

terima kasih khas buat Dr Zakiah sebab ajar kami pasal benda kat bawah ini

and for you guys
have your time to read

The Messenger (s.a.w) said to three men who came to the house of the Prophet (s.a.w), asking about his worship and then on being informed about it, considered their own worship to be very little, so they said, 

"What a great difference there is between us and the Prophet (s.a.w), whose previous and latter sins have been forgiven by Allah."

So one of them said, 

"I will always Pray during the night." 

The other one said, 

"I will always fast during the day and not break my fast." 

And the third of them said, 

"I will keep away from women and never get married."

 Then Allah’s Messenger came to them and said, 

‘‘Are you the people who said such and such? By Allah! I am the one who is the most knowledgeable about Allah amongst you, and the one who has the most taqwa of Him. Yet I fast and break my fast, I pray and I sleep, and I marry women. So whosoever turns away from my Sunnah (guidance) is not from me.’’ 

Narratedd by al-Bukhari (9/104) and Muslim (9/175)

haih, that is why our beloved Prophet keep on reminding us, please be moderate, to have balance in everything. Like we put enough sugar in a drink for it not to be tasteless nor too sweet.

p/s: "If you understand, things are just as they are. If you do not understand, things are just as they are"


Kuey-san said...

Blog ini insya-Allah boleh membantu anda menambah pahala!

and I subscribed!

AhmadN said...


nice one As,

i am an avid believer when it comes to modesty,

extremism should not be practiced, be it in religion or any mundane activities.

bersederhanalah wahai rakan2ku..

aRiff said...

uncle?? huhu...sedihnye...rasenye diri ni nampak mcm teenager lg..

As said...

dear kuey san
uih seram baca
inshaAllah moga ada ah baiknye benda neh


dear AhmadN
hey as suke ayat2 kamu
kata ayait pemuisi kan :P


dear uncle aRiff
panggilan tu tak determine pape kan?

3p4h said...

Oh, terasa diri ini makin tua... =) He5

CAHAYA said...

Yeah! Agreed. Things are just as they are. If not, that's just not right!

As said...

dear pakcik 3p4h


haa betul betul betul