25 February 2009

I've given my heart, please give your heart too.

This entry is going to be the 459th entry of mine in the 4 years of being as a blogger. Please read with your heart as I am writing today and always, always with all of my heart. If you cannot find you heart right now, I advise you to leave now and search for a new heart.

I have written a lot, you have read a lot. I think, speaking and writing, they resemble each other. Means, when I speak or write, I also must do it. Not only to do the talking part. Heh.

As the saying goes, the speaker's own ears are the closest part to his mouth. He is the first person who going to do something which he said. Thus I would like to say here, the writer's eyes are the closest part to his hands while he's writing. And he should be the first person whose doing it. Right?

People will say,

"wei kau tulis kat blog kau, tapi kau sendiri tak buat."

Naaah..the current trend has been changing. We are not anymore going to hear something like this,

"Wei, kau cakap tapi kau sendiri tak buat."


Ops...Ok, serious.

People people people..hallo people..

As the Iman has the tendency to decrease and increase, I would love to inform you, there's of course sometimes where I am really depressed (of coz outside the blogging world) and those friends who catch me will say,

"Hey, you are really different from what you wrote in the blog. Patutnya jadi tough macam kata2 kau dalam penulisan tuh."

Yes, that's true. Dun only judge a writer from his writing. In fact, I am writing in this blog, first and foremost is aiming to correct myself. And after that, to ask to all readers to also correct themselves (ok ade tiga kali 'to'). Let us be in the right path. (eh tibe2 je..)

But,dearest dude and babe, this is serious.

With all my writing here, please take what is good for you and leave what is harmful. Especially the part of using 'harsh' words and for all of the provocations. It is just to suite yourself guys and of course I have my target readers.

Something without aim is nothing. This is what I think. Because you will just wandering around, here and there. This is what I believe. You will get something which is based on your intention, my dear.

Let us share something here, shall we?

"Do not speak much without mentioning Allah because you will harden your hearts. A hard heart is far from Allah, but you do not know. Do not look at the wrong actions of people as if you were lords. Look to your wrong actions as if you were slaves. Some people are afflicted by wrong actions but some people are protected from it. Be merciful to the people of affliction and praise Allah for His protection."


Ya Allah..please help us to do something good like the above hadith has mentioned to us. Ameen.

Dear readers, dear friends who know me in person, please forgive me for any mis-judgement towards you. May Allah protect us to only see the good of others. Ameen.


zahidzuhri said...

no worries,ada ustadz yang pernah menerangkan, kite mesti sekurang-kurangnya ada azzam yang tinggi untuk menjadi yang terbaik(seperti mana yang telah kita cakapkan) kalo kite nak tunggu amar ma'ruf nahi munkar sampkai kite 100% baik,alamatnya huru hara la dunia ni,coz nobody is perfect! kte tak maksum cam rasul,so strive for the best! biar Allah menilai amal kte! ;)

izzati.abdullah said...

btol ape yg kamu tulis.setuju sgt..gud luck for da coming xm..

CAHAYA said...

in blogging world, sometimes people tend to develop multiple personalities.

And no matter how many personalities u have/had, it doesn't matter at all.

As long as it all YOU. :) As long as you know who the real YOU. :)

Hasbi said...

"Wei, kau cakap tapi kau sendiri tak buat."

terase2..hehe jom masuk photography workshop sbtu ni..=)

hana said...

Saya mungkin tidak mengenali kamu, namun di setiap post kamu, kamu betul2 mampu membuat saya berfikir, membuat saya bersyukur dan membuat saya menginsaf diri ini. lebih baik amalkan "jangan dilihat pada siapa yang menulis, tapi dilihatlah pada apa yang ditulis "

Ghuraba said...


have you ever watched "Art of complaining" ?

watch it!!

May Allah bless u..

As said...

sebab tulah as terus menulis ;)
thanks tau!


berderet lagi nih! huhu


kamu memang light lah
I love ur words!


tamau2 banyak kerja ada exam
lagipun kami tengah gerakkan photography society :P


hait..lihat pada tulisan dan kata2..bukan sapa yang bercakap.
I believe people yang kenal as in person, tau siapa as :D


ok, i wnated to request the vid from u, can?

AhmadN said...

bravo, excellent post :)

AhmadN said...

bravo, excellent post :)