12 February 2009

Cakap siang pandang-pandang...

related to this entry regarding the issue coffee caused heart diseases, stated by a health mag.

I was curious and when I am about to present my part on one of our PBL (problem based learning) cases, I try to raise up the issue to our dearest lecturer, a medical doctor. And actually is it only a confounding effect. When the research been done, they forgot to separate those who smoke and consume caffeine before they start the research.

End up they make up the conclusion that caffeine would cause heart problems. Haiyak. Padahal yang consume caffeinated drink in the study are those who're also smoking.

One more thing for you to bear in mind, health mag or any mag which you read, they did not provide you with the original source of their articles. And that's a bit unreliable. Even they did state any research regarding the article, it is better if you ask the experts on matter which did confusing you.

We cannot take actions on those mags with the unreliable articles as there's no law stated that they must provide the sources of the articles. Heh.

Jadi, hati-hati di jalan raya. Pandu cermat jiwa selamat. Oppss..


Alakay said...

Er..Dr As..nak tanye..i prefer health journal (those published by Uni or accredited health inst.) than health mag.

Same risk ke?

zahidzuhri said...

aaa..tq vry much for the tip,sebelum nih selamba jer ambik tips2 daripada majalah2...huhu...

tapi camner plak dengan majalah kesihatan? curious...

3p4h said...

Oh, btul2.. Aku membenarkan apa yg As ckp sbb masa dia tnya mdm 2, aku dan bberapa kwn ada skali wktu PBL 2.

Memang tak dinafikan kalo kita bca mag, mcm2 isu kesihatan yg kdg2 bila fkir byk kali, BTUL ke?

So, apa2 pn kalo kita dpt apa2 brita, kaji dlu kesahihannya. TQvm.

Faisal Admar said...

So, its not 100% confirmed that caffeinated drinks would cause heart problem? Or it’s otherwise? It’s pretty confusing.

I guess I have to stop buying Men’s Health ;)

As said...

okay je baca health journal. Cuma pas baca kena tgk2 gak kot kalau benda2 yang mcm quite confusing like this case. Ok?

Journal should be okay..


zahid zuhri
as state dalam entry ni, fokus pada health mag. Ini kisah pasal health mag aa ;)


betul tuh..baca2 tu bajet2 gak aa mana pelik mana tak..refer lah pada yang pakar. hehe


means masa depa buat kajian tuh, depa tak sedar orang yang jd subject tuh bukan hanya kuat minum coffee, tapi senanya kuat smoking gak. But depa tak take into account part smoking tuh.

Memang aa sah2 hasil kajian akan cakap suka minum coffee lead to heart disease. padahal smoking tu senanya yg bawak ke heart disease. Got it? Explain sambil tengah mamai..haha