22 June 2009

mahu ganti yang asli atau palsu

one day after the previous surgery in Nov 2008

-the image: frog prince whom did accompany me in the ward, and to tell you it's a specialist who will insert the needle in your vessel, in private hosp :P no offense-

If you planted a flower at your window
and comes the day your flower died
would you put new seeds
which require few weeks to grow

or would you just put an artificial flower...
to give you quick happiness

That was what I've been thinking for this few months
after the doctor has given me the two choices for next surgery
which in need of my endurance
towards the better days..

but I've yet given any answer
for it is only one hospital in Malaysia could do it.

er..btw it's not our country were outdated
but it is the treatment which is been discovered recently
in Malaysia

p/s: to tell u, it's a private hosp which has achieved that level of treatment, it should be the gov hosp isnt it..or am I wrong?


Anonymous said...

as kena pegi oversea ke utk treatment?

As said...

hey DK
as sekeh nanti :P
tulah pergi over the sea tak ajak as

Anonymous said...

''p/s: to tell u, it's a private hosp which has achieved that level of treatment, it should be the gov hosp isnt it..or am I wrong?''

try to change this perception pls..


As said...

ala malas la sebab kita salu lain POV kan :D

maksud as, more pd advantages yang ada pada KKM..peluang2 kajian, dan CME. Serta etc2..yang banyak private hosp tak dapat ;)

Kamu tahu kan sume ni :)

Anonymous said...

yap.. KKM got more money.. but it spend it at the most demanding cases.. gov hospital n private sector are different.. for ur own citizen, for malaysian citizen, we changing our care system.. gov primary care, different from private primary care..

KKM set their system based on the society as the whole.. but , there always some BIG space to improve..


As said...

that's why i wonder abt..

iNtuisiiNsurgeNsi said...

kak..skt pe?

housesoul said...

artificial - quick happiness for a short term

new seed - delayed happiness but it's for a long term

with hardship,there is relief.

CAHAYA said...

waktu demam denggi dua tahun lepas, doktor yang masukkan benda tu. maybe sebab orang lain x jumpa kat mane nak cucuk. huhu.

AnjeRuby a.k.a Kak Abell said...

nak tukar branula len ke? meh eden tukarkan..nak kaler ape? pink, hijau or kelabu? hehe...

Anonymous said...

eh. salah ke andaian DK? haha.

As said...



yup..true enuf..
thanks dear


kecik sgat salur darah la tu..isk3


kak ruby


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