16 January 2009

Paling Menarik

This is the best tag I have ever came across since before. Why? Then let us see..and make your justification.

Credits to alakay for spreding the knowledge directly and indirectly :)
This is about those products by Israel and those who did contribute to Israel that we need to boycott.

The rules as follows:
a) List down 5 of the products that you are boycotting
b) List down 5 of the products that you will try your best to boycott
c) List another 5 of the products that you find it's hard to boycott

a) 5 products that I've been boycotting
1- Coke
2- Starbucks
3- Johnson & Johnson
4- Nokia
5- Carrefour

b) I'll try my best to boycott these products and replace with other brands
1- Jacob's
2- McD
3- Oral-B
4- Nesvita
5- Koko Crunch

c) Those products which is really hard to boycott
1- Intel
2- Timberland
3- Nestle!
4- Google
5- KFC [food collection :D ]

Please share your thoughts and spread the knowledge! (hey, i rarely tag people, but here, u've been tagged, guys!)
1- 3p4h
2- szakif
3- MM
4- Ultimatun
5- Jazz Lazz

Please refer here on the boycott list. tq.

Ok, done. Now I would like to proceed with my opinion. This is an opinion after a deep thought. Beware, it's only my own point of view. You can have your own too. And please respects others view ;)

In my previous entry, I did encourage you people to try to boycott the 3 main products, that is only after you really find it's hard to boycott (haih, baru je suh jihad sikit neh).
And I also did remind you not to go too extreme on this part as I think, sudden change which is not longer lasting is worst than continuous slow change. Got it?

You go slowly, one by one. Everyone is aware, most of the products are our daily needs. Some people just cannot live without them due to some concrete reasons. Thus, here, to be moderate, I would again to stress here the differences between necessity and desire.

Kehendak dan Keperluan.

Try to differentiate between those two before buying any goods by Israel or those who did contribute to Israel. If you do think it will affect your life by not having it, then we could slowly find the alternatives. There's no need to be so harsh and force yourself to stop using it. It will end up that you could only stand for a month.

Thus, here we could detect the rapid change which is not accompanied with the sense of istiqamah. It's much better for you to go slowly, have a deep thought, make your survey in the market, then you'll reach your decision.

But bear in mind, this is only applicable for goods which were really been as your daily gear. Where you live with it everyday, and if you change, it will affect your health (for example). I did not state any products as an example because each of us have our own 'life products'. Nanti jadi bias pulak jika diletakkan :P

Those products which already been as your properties such as Nokia handphone, Timberland accessories, intel chips and etc, just let it be. To boycott is not to buy the products, but you still can keep the products which had been bought and also to accept any 'gift' from the list, from friends. It's not your money anyway, and you can always remind the person who did give the gift about the boycott products' list (haih berbelit lidah tulis).

Everyone's has their own opinion on this matter, but please have a review on the fatwa here.

May Allah ease us, and our Palestinian brothers and sisters..ameen.


Farah Aminuddin said...

setuju dgn as.
kite cube boycott slowly kalau xdpt buat scr mendadak. makin lama boleh la get used kn. insyaAllah.

Alakay said...

hhmm..among all entries about boycot that i've read..i can say that i luv this one ...:-)
anyway...info for my kamera mana my dear..? n u supposed to have appointment with me tonite right? hehehe

As said...

dear farah
try to..
just not be as a reason not to..


dear alakay
senanya takde nampak pun ur ID.
i online the whole nite waiting for u senanya ;) and try to add you pun takle..sorry!

info abt the camera, as just nak share personal. Tamau wat entry. Sebab i dunno what do u want to know. And I bukan professional bhgn ni, just tru my life experience ;D
kartun2 bleh ah..

tomorrow i have a programme the whole day..

Master J said...

i read sumwhere dulu..lupa blog sapa..boycott brg kehendak sng lg dr boycott brg keperluan..n now i know y u tny apa kehendak in english =p

Alakay said...

r u still online on your YM..may i try to add u again?

Alakay said...

my YM is on now:

i can see yours but u r offline.

or perhaps u can give me your email..coz not nice for me to post irrelavent item here...

3p4h said...

Wah... Bagusnya tag nih!

Memang tag yg paling jarang dijumpai.. Ok as, nnt saya balas..

Szakif said...

ala... menambah2kan hutang tag teman2! huhu~

Anonymous said...

huhu. koko crunch pun termasuk gak ke? aduhai. failed sungguh.

humaiRah said...

i try to boycott the Israel product also. Some of them are very hard for me to try stop using it. tp bila kenang balik saudara2 kita di sana, ia satu semangat. kita sama2 berjihad dgn mereka. walaupun hanya boycott dan sedikit dana saja yg mampu berikan.. smg sedikit2 itu lama2 akan jadi byk!

Anonymous said...

cis, tak TAG gua pun

As said...

dear master J
yup, as nak tau ape kehendak in english selain desire..
tp u bagi tak best :P
anyhow tqvm!

it is always that way, jaz. Boycott barang keperluan susah...


dear alakay
i guess there's no prob anymore. Hehehe


dear 3p4h
hait, as dah baca urs ;)
tqvm for spreading the knowledge!


dear szakif
ni tag berilmiah ok!


dear diya
memang! adehai...


dear humairah
hait, sedikit2 itulah yang akan bg direct impact ;)


dear caracol
ala, seganlah nak tag senior..
haha poyo gila ayat!

kahfi8 said...

google israel gak ek? tak tau plak..