5 October 2008

my apology!

it is okay if I'm in pain by myself

but what matter is

I'm also giving trouble to people around me.

I will try to give less trouble to everyone

it is the only thing which I could do

I'm sorry!



al-ikhsan said...

i'm sure that none of us (especially your close ones) did not find it to be a trouble for us..we are all muslim brothers and sisters.. we are a family, so through any way possible, we will always try to share our pains and laughters together!:D

may Allah easen your pain and bless you throughout, in here and the hereafter..ameen..

chayyok2 kak!d(^_^)b

nurilahi said...

dearest al ikhsan,
wah semangat kamu, untuk kamu juga ya.


Anonymous said...

speechless jap baca komen san kat atas tu. huhu. kite angguk kan jelah ye. taiibbb :D

nurilahi said...

diya, huu :)