5 July 2008

bye bye freshie

Next week inshaAllah I will be officially a 2nd year student. What a long time to go, phew...As what Ibu said,

"6 tahun study, lamanya nak tunggu kakak kawen.."

Heh, 6 years needed just to complete a degree programme, and I've passed through half of it. Chayyok!

I am the 4th batch of KAHS (Kuliyyah of Allied Health Sciences) altogether with my other 58 fellow classmates. To review back from the previous year of academic session, alhamdulillah I've completed 20 subjects to include the Kuliyyah required subjects and University required subjects.

And for my Kuliyyah, the subjects are divided into two: BHS required subjects and Department required subjects. Even though in my kuliyyah we are separated into 4 courses, we still have a mass lecture where everyone of us from all departments will be in the same class. There are also classes where only two departments will be together and et cetera. For some BHS (Basic Health Sciences) subjects, we combined with students from other Kuliyyah.

I still remember during our 1st year, 1st semester, we are the first batch from KAHS to have EAP (English for Academic Purposes). Kind of subject which require students to have a course-related mini tesis (copy paste from what Mdm Yati said). The time when I went to KOS (Kuliyyah of Science) with Sakini to discuss on this matter especially the class arrangement and so on, Mdm Yati was very surprised knowing that we have to have this subject during the 1st year 1st semester. (tapi sebenarnya macam tak pelik pun, maybe because we cannot choose general topics, but spesifically about our course..hmm, no comment)

It is a subject which only will be taught during the 3rd year of academic session where we already have a strong understanding on our own courses. But, at last we still take it and have it with a great pleasure in mind. Surely because of the great teacher we have, she is great man! And because of EAP, we know very well the KOS building. That was an advantage aite? :D

For RDI (Radiography & Diagnostic Imaging) students, we already facing a hell during the first week of study. 9 subjects with 1 subject known as medical exposure where we need to travel all the way to Temerloh along the semester. A hectic life with 7 days of classes, day and night. Also classes with seniors. Hey, they are our classmates beb! Yes, during the first semester we already took the 2nd and 3rd year subjects.

A hectic life begin and what I always see among my RDI classmates, is the tears of pressure for the whole year of academic session. Sometimes they are too tired, too weak to hold, and most important at least they wanted a day off. Erk, you see me writing 'they' and not 'we'..why..?

I'm being a different me, also no tears just a smile, always. My job throughout the year is to calm my fellow classmates and acting as a very cheerful person. Yup, lakonan terbaek indah. To think of if everyone is in miserable condition, then who would be as the water to them.

I always heard people from other departments (audiology, optometry and dietetics) saying that they are lucky enough not to be as RDI students. Hehe. And I know they pity on us. So the bad condition remain until the 2nd semester with 11 subjects. Even while waiting for the bus to go the hospital they are still on tears. Oh my..

Some friends are curious on my changing, my attitudes, my behaviour. Maybe due to the hectic lifestyle + hospital as the 2nd home. But I guess, after the hospital admission end of the 2nd semester and the 2 months holiday give a remedy to me. Healing the soul.

From the seniors, they always said that RDI is different. For other courses, 2nd year is the kick off for a tough academic session, but for RDI, it's all begin since the first year. Thus, Im not seeing this coming new academic year will give a new challenge to us, but it is another tough year for us. Our lecturers have already informed us how 'hell' this time would be and how hectic everything will be with 7 days classes. But we don't want to hear anything anymore, we'll see what will happened. And for me, I will be remain in high spirits! InshaAllah. The whole year taught me lots, and now come another, there's a need of facing everything with a big heart, as always. :)

Anything that comes to yOu, it is only the matter of adopting and then adapting things. Semua benda susah, tiada yang mudah, tinggal kita untuk memilih merasa susah atau enjoy kesusahan itu.

Teringat Mawar Merah selalu cakap,

"As, kita takda masa nak do something or go somewhere either to release pressure or to enjoy our day. So, kita enjoy je dengan segala assignemnts, quizzes and exams nih k."

Saya angguk dan saya memang faham. If refer to my previous entries, I've stated how hard it is to have lots of assignments at the same time with the examinations and quizzes. Also exams almost every 3 weeks, quizzes every week. But, it is the matter of enjoying what yOu have, syukuri what yOu got, regardless how hard it is because that is the only way to have a peaceful heart, a peaceful mind.

I always thinking of to have this pain out of me, as the pain really distract my attendance to class, my examinations results and so forth. I really regret this part, but to know that pain is a pleasure, I remain cool. A big heart which become smaller and smaller, I hope i could cope with it :D Fighting!


ramzi said...

selamat jadi senior. jadi senior yg baik k, utk jadi contoh kat junior2 nanti.

nurilahi said...


erk, tersedak.. :D

ijad said...

salam... apa khabar...

badrul said...

Surely because of the great teacher we have, she is great man!

salam perjuangan...

erk, tour great teacher is a man or a woman?

Also classes with seniors. Hey, they are our classmates beb! Yes, during the first semester we already took the 2nd and 3rd year subjects.

haha, dulu waktu belajar kt kuantan dl pun sme gak...

nurilahi said...

To Ijad:

To BAd:
Typing error, ampun... :D

BAd sekelas ngan depa sbab masuk dec intake kah..?

Badrul Aini Sha'ari said...

salam perjuangan...

tepat sekali! 100 markah utk anda... :P