28 November 2008

Who are you in the future?

In many interviews, when people ask me, what did my mum do, I will say, she's now being as the House Manager (read: surirumah tangga). It's simply because I really value my mum, and to think back, who could manage the house and everyone in the house better than our Mums? :D

My Mum before, since early adulthood, work in the plant (read: loji minyak) management team until she get married. She then quit the job to take care of her children. Few years later she involved in the team for early childhood education, guided by NURI. She was then act as the 'Guru Besar' for a kindergarten which she make up with her fellow friends.

After a sufficient time, she quit again, and now she act as a 'consultant' (FOC) in specialized education for kids at young age, be it for babies or kinder garden kids. For me, the knowledge is unique and I always wonder, hoping, Allah panjangkan umur saya supaya sempat teguk segala ilmu tersebut. If blaja skang, it's quite hard as it would be only in theory (well, I don't have kids yet!).

Could you figure out how far my mum has deviated from her initial working field? The same goes to her friends. Came back to Malaysia after degree, and become a housewife :D
I would love to be one..haha.

The story below happened few days ago.

I got a call on my handphone, tertera perkataan "WithHeld"

'Owh bila masa pulak aku ada save nama orang "withHeld neh?'

Angkat telefon.

"Assalamu'alaikum." Salam berjawab. Aku segera regconize suara tersebut.

"Adik, kat mana neh?" tanya 'withHeld' tersebut. Number kakak rupenya. Tibe2 tukar jadi private number kah, asal tak kuar 'no number' je? Heran. Owh, aku tak save rupenya number kakak. Budget memang aku hafal number die jadi aku tak save. Haha. Selama ni tak kuar pun 'withHeld' tuh.

"Ajak ibu datang bakery akak jap. Nak bagi kek birthday ibu."

"Ok, nanti adik bagitau. Bye." Aku nak putuskan talian tapi tak jadi.

"Heh, birthday zaman bile neh? Birthday ibu dah 2 minggu lepas."

"Alah, sukatilah, kek akak wat neh. Saje nak bagi lagi neh." Erk...wateva~ ni mesti sebab suka snagat buat kek

My sister, she graduated from IIU as shari'ah lawyer. But past few months, she open up a bakery. OMG!
Even though she has her own firm, but still her focus is more towards the bakery. Dengan aku-aku sekalik kena duk belajar pasal cakes and cup cakes. Sebab nak support akak ah. Time lapang spend time dengan dia balik kL pergi courses. Also carik-carik pasal decoration dan create aku nye style deco untuk die and etc etc.

After that (kes di atas) she sent me a SMS,

"Sedap tak kek?"

Setiap masa akulah tukang rasa dan tukang komen, haih! GemmOk kalori ah camnih!

Also this one, did you find something?



For people who graduated,
Most of them will be in the field related to their degree courses.
Some of them end up doing other things.
Few of them will be as the full time house manager.

Bear in mind, what we're in right now did not guarrantee what we will be in the future. Our life has been destined by Him. If you do not really love your course currently, please proceed, try to adopt and adapt, somehow you can always deviated later on in life. Or you can always change your course, now! haha, sounds easy! :D
But my friend really did it. He did it! Go and ask him how determine is he.

"Change course anyone?"
Fevret phrase by our Deputy Dean in each of our classes.

and we always anwser


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WaBI said...



when i was 17-18 YO,being a mathematics teacher in secondary school was my choice.

19-21 YO--->researcher, scientist

22---> owner of a restaurant who apply asseptic technique in the kitchen..hehe

HWEver, as u mentioned. "Our life has been destined by Him."

so, i would love to take whatsoever He want to gv me...inshaALlah

As said...


ni plaing tak tahan baca

"owner of a restaurant who apply asseptic technique in the kitchen"

owh alhamdulillah if semua buat camih!

may everything which is the best to follow u..ameen

::Amin Mansor:: said...

cintailah sungai kita.hehehe.. eh x.cintailah apa saja yg kita buat.

Szakif said...

adoi la~ kenapa macam as boleh bace otak aku eh?

ade kaitan sebenarnye dengan something. erm... tunggu ah.

Anonymous said...

err... panggilan yg as dpt tu mmg tertera perkataan "withHeld" ke? apesal pelik sgt?

As said...

amin mansor
saje wat gimmick eh? :D
jika tak suka, belajarlah untuk bersyukur


oyait, I'll wait. we always read each others mind aite?


itulah, tau takpe :D
tengah tak faham gak, lupa nak tanya akak...later on ah, susah nak jumpa die :D

alif zai mim ra said...

salam as, withheld tu private no. la kan? kadang-kadang dapat gak withheld tu.

erm..cita-cita masa kecik dulu nak jadi doktor sbb nak ikut cousin yg skrg ni pakar O&G. lepas tu, nak amik farmasi sbb minat sgt kt kimia.

but now i'm in biomedical. which i can learn both fields and even more. ;)

and i do have a dream pursuing something non-science later on in future. wallahua'lam. ;)

Jepah said...

do u know velentino rossi history b4 he become motoGP racer??? nice story about him...

anyway, we plan for our future... but remember.. HE already plan for us... and HIS plan is the greatest..

Faisal Admar said...

I like this post. Actually I was about to write the same thing on my blog too. Lately, I have a perplexity mind. I do not know what to I want in my life. Not because I have been in depress or despair but just I have no idea of what I want in my life suddenly.

I filled in the PJJ form for USM course then stopped half way. I looked at my business capital budget. I thought again. It was deeper this time.

I chatted with a friend on YM and he is considered very successful (he pays income tax for RM50k annually). So, he simply replied “I do not have postgraduate certificate but I do not care. It is not about what certificate you got but it is about how you use your brain.” I was speechless. He nailed the point straight into my brain. Yes, my conscious brain.

Then I think I would not just change course, but won’t fill in the form at all. I will focus of what I want in my life. Life is too short and it is true that money is the biggest thing in the world. What you want in your life is more important (as long as it is not against the nature and laws) rather than just seeking for profit and money.

I have friends who got degree in medic and law. One end up with a goat, cow and vegetables farm and the latter one end up being a DJ and host at one of the programs on TV2.

Now, I smile and I learn another new thing.

As said...

alif zai mim ra,
huhu..i guess everyone got the dilemma and most of us end up doing sumting else. But it is good for you to have sumting which cover both pmacy + medicine!


Jep..yup He has destined everything for us and we need to give our full efforts in achieving it.

Valentino Rossi, he's a medical doctor earlier b4 he became as a motor racer. Huuuu...


owh pls do write it in ur blog. Diff people diff mind, diff ways of viewing sumting. Aite?

In 100% of our success, only 6% to 20% are our IQ, and the rest is dependent on our EQ.

All the best!

leka said...

aah..like ths entry =b

As said...


tahniah ah dah habis exam!
hah merdeka gaban la die.

ok, after dis choose ur path betul2 ok!

Faisal Admar said...

Maybe I will end up making up another drama for the post. We will see ;)

As said...

hoho...i'll wait!