24 November 2008

Which one will you go for

in this world, few people find their true calling
for everyone, more or less, it is unjust
but what will you do then
will you stay there and rot
will you work hard to turn it into something positive
or will you look for some place else

for me

if I have another option
which is better
I will go for it

if I didn't have any other options
it is a matter of adopting things
before I try to adapt with it

Adopt and Adapt
to be applied in life
if not
you won't live this life to the fullest

do you believe me?



Amin said...

what do mean as? Macam ada maksd tersirat...

diya said...

i do believe in u... no worries as :)

jennyto said...

hmm it is so true.
adopt and adapt.

if only it is as easy as it sounds.

may we succeed.

izzahismail said...

ah,post nih.
eventhough pendek.
tp mmberi kesan btol la.[long story]

btol comment jennyto nih,
if only it is as easy as it sounds.


pamie said...

salam sis..

where are you going actually?
not really got it wut u are trying to say..
nway, salam singgah


Faisal Admar said...

To me live life to the fullest is just about how many goals you have and how many have you achieved before you die. Don't you think?

Jepah said...

deep meaning... hehehe... =p

WaBI said...


yup..i agree

but sometime i prefer adopt but not adapt...

Anonymous said...

Tuan ikut fatwa hati jer...

kusu said...

salam :)

As said...


yang tidak faham, mungkin boleh review semula,

yang ada pandangan lain, ya kita manusia pastinya berbeza

yang bersetuju, baguslah cara kita sama

tapi untuk semua, moga Allah mudahkan langkah kita, ameen

to kusu,
hai first time datang kah? welkam :)