14 November 2008

About the writer: Her-story

The 15 facts tagged by MNM on Oct 18

1. My first food in my life is Nestum, at the age of 2-3 months. Mum did give me milk but I'm so hungry where milk is not enough and only stop crying when mum gave me Nestum, which then cause great harm to my intestine until now. I understand that mum just cannot stand seeing me starving.

2. I started my education since I know how to lie prone when I was an infant. I read newspaper smoothly since 3.5 years old, with phonetic system of reading taught by mum. I feel weird with myself when I read the newspaper because I only read them and did not understand what the world is about. That time I'm only 4 years old, man! How could I understand.

3. When I'm 5 y/old, I cannot follow the way teacher taught us to read in kinder garden.
Teacher taught us in this way, B (bi) U (you) = bu, K (kay) U (you) = KU
When been asked to read, I will just read through the words without mentioning the alphabets. And teacher scolded me for that, before mum explained to them.

4. I was really bored in kinder garden and standard 1. This is the period where everyone is learning on how to read.
"Ibu, nape adik kena pegi sekolah, adik kan da pandai baca.."
Mum did explain well to me why I need to go to school after I gave her this question.

5. Started to be sent to the hospital in an emergency condition since kindergarten. Hospital is my second house.

6. In the middle of Standard 1, I started to give many excuses for not going to school. Bored to death.

7. I always have severe gastric since childhood, due to the number One stated earlier. I used not to consume food enriched with acid such as orange and all unripe food . With that reason, my tongue cannot tolerate with sour tasted food anymore. ~ sikit je masam, dah rasa sangat-sangat masam!

8. For the first 3 years in primary school, the worst place I will get in education is number 3. The next 5 years I maintain to be among the excellence students and known to be among the student's leaders.

9. I used to walk alone in kL since 13 y/old using the public transportation (esp LRT for safety) when parents and siblings were busy with their works.

10. In the beginning of Form 3, my academic drop down tremendously when 'Mak' left us due to carcinoma (Ca). Few months later, I woke up again to gain straight A's in PMR as what I promised to 'Mak' few days before she left us on Feb 19, on Arafah Day in Mekah -_-"

11. I begin to know government hospital only when SJMC transferred me to them end of Form 3. Sticked to them for almost 6 years before I'm back to private hosp now.

12. Form 4 and Form 5, my golden days. But also a nightmare. Heh. But I used to behold on the golden rather than the nightmare. It was also a period where I started my fight with the terrible sickness, then academically drop due to the sickness, but teachers and friends gave me more responsibility for leadership. -_-" I remain the same until now.

13. I love the green colour of the apple, but I really cannot tolerate with its sour taste. I love the white colour of the milk, but I have lactose intolerance. Preferable to brown in colour for clothes and black for my properties. Cannot tolerate with pink, if it was a gift from someone, I must accept and use it. Out of all, green is the colour of paradise ;)

14. Back before admission to Kuantan Campus,
"Suka kalau dapat tengok die makan berselera mcm orang lain." - Candlesky
"Susah nak tengok die tido, kalau tido maknanya sakit sangat la tuh." - zaty

Tapi lepas masuk Kuantan, lebih berselera makan dan dah boleh mula tido atas katil puteri best (katil almost sama level dengan tinggi meja study)
Before admission to Kuantan Campus, the heaviest I could reach is 42kg. And now it's reaching 49kg :D normal BMI no more underweight

15. If most of women could not read maps, I'm not. If most of women easily forgot the direction, I'm not. If most of women love shopping, I'm totally not. If most of women love pink, I'm not. If most of women sat together and starts gossiping, we're not (we talk about healthy diet, medical, academic, works, discussion on behavior, world today, politics, news etc ;P ). The list will grow longer :D

The list above is about me, from childhood until now. For us to ponder, you could see how success I am since kid, but I'm slowly dropped when I grow older, especially in academic due to the sickness.

Our childhood & school-hood (if ever the term existed) would not determine who were we to be in the future which is now. We plan our life, but Allah has planned everything earlier before in Luh Mahfuz, but indeed there are some which we could change by our own hands.

We could make up a study plan for a week, but Allah determined whether it is to be accomplished or not. Certain people failed due to the tests He gave such as fever, sickness and bad news. For some people they failed because of their own hands. Laze around, playing games excessively and etc.

dear friends and to me myself, pleas do take advantage of FIVE matters before FIVE other matters.
1. your youth, before you become old
2. your health, before you fall sick
3. your richness, before you become poor
4. your free time before you become busy
5. your life, before your death

pergi baca sini untuk bacaan lanjut, suggested reading kamu takkan menyesal baca ;)
lain kali daku garap version daku mengenai 5 before five kerana entry ini sudah sedia terlalu panjang. Sekian.


Jepah said...

"Our childhood & school-hood (if ever the term existed) would not determine who were we to be in the future which is now."

-sgt2 bersetuju... coz.. jepah sgt lambat belajar mase darjah 1... da la x masuk tadika... huhuhu...

farah aminuddin said...

i really love this entry.

u r great dear.

i dont even know what happened to me when i was standard one. haha.

As said...

hehehe..ramai je kes cam jep. Ade da besar baru pandai baca, tp skang sume da jd sumbody :D alhamdulillah

farah..yang awal2 tu, I've to ask from Ibu tau tak. ISk. Ibu surely miss u so much sebab lama tak jumpa :)
eventhou u dunno who were you zaman kecik2 tuh, but look, who were you now. Da nak jd wife orang da, haha! Potong line..sob3 :D

farah aminuddin said...

isk3. belum potong la yang. baru tunang org skang. im sure u'll get married first. hehehehe

al-ikhsan said...


*fer some reasons, just couldnt stop smiling la kak As*hehehe~

Jepah said...

ramai erk??? huhuhu...
satu lg... i like green colour too... =)

Szakif said...

perasan tak, blog orang lain aku leh bagi komen panjang2, tapi kat blog as aku susah sket. pasal tiap kali bace, mesti speechless, be it verbal, jari-jemari, and up to a point my thought also retarded, i just don't know what to comment. because deep inside, i'm crying


As said...

farah..eh takleh2. Tunang mana bley lama2, kamu kena ah kawen dulu tau :P

al ikhsan..
dun bring ur writer's block syndrome to me k! heh :D
apsal senyum2 neh??

jep..ok boleh geng!

dear szakif,
you want cekgu to call ambulan hospital tanjung rambutan? I'll try to help ya k. :D
mental retardation require immediate admission, it is contagious!
just joking bro.
no tears needed for such writing, even all. The writer is kind of sayur, lembik. heh ;)

hana said...

dan saya juga suke entry ini.sgt best.Cube nk igt blk mse kecik n besar.Bile pk,rsenya diri ni dh tecemar,asyik sgt dgn dunia hingga lupe akhirat.sgt tak productive spt ms sekolah ..hurm...nmpknya sy kne recharge balik bateri sye.

izzahismail said...

wah,kak as,kamu mmg genius!

pink is rawk!

shopping is fun and therapeutic.


Jepah said...

bleh geng??? jeng3x..
huhuhuhu... (gelak care sopan santun...)

Faisal Admar said...

love reading this entry. green is always good for the eyes and i love the taste of the green apple. even the smell of the green apple fragrance is good.

i hope everything is going to be fine with you. my prayer will always be with you :)

Anonymous said...

no 9.
"tolong jgn wat camtu lg"..

"da besar kan..so..jaga diri je la"


alif zai mim ra said...

treasuring the past could be one of the reasons in getting a meaningful life. life's short so live it to the fullest. allahu ma'ana. :)

As said...

hana, jom sama2 :D

iza, ape yang genius nye. Takleh lawan genius MM :P

Beta hormati pendirian tuan hamba..pinki rawk, shoppin therapeutic..baeklah :D negara beta negara demokrasi, rakyat bebas bersuara..hahaha

jep..memang sopan a gitu :D ngeh3'''

owh green apple ade wat jadi fragrance eh...? I wonder how its smell :D mesti refreshing

thanks for ur prayer bro!

shamel..wahahaha...gitu eh die pesan. Baeklah..
ingat tak bile 1st time jumpa kamu ;)

lepas SPm..time tuh memang da pakar bab no9 tuh, jd tour guide :D

inshaAllah living life to the fullest dengan rahmat kasihNya ;)

myadlan said...

panjang sekali tag ni. nombor 15 tu pun boleh pecah lagi 3 kot.. jadi la 17 kan..

apa yang kita lalui time skolah memang tak menentukan future kita.. betul jugak..

As said...

alan ni saje je..mana ada, satu kategori tuh..kategori im not..haha!

Mawar said...

Dik, love reading this entry. Warna pun amat menenangkan. Ketabahanmu mengkagumkan.

nova said...


Well meet, I am touched by this entry of yours.

Tak banyak yang berminat kepada topik-topik 'berat' seperti politik, berita dunia dsb.

Semoga tabah menempuh perjuangan!

As said...

Sis Mawar, tqvm for the compliment. Harapnya istiqamah :)
p/s: hijau kan warna syurga ;)

Dear nova,
moga remain dan tak bosan dengan toik2 berat :D hehe
u too keep on writing ya'!
tq for the reminder

candlesky said...

so,skrg jgn nak gatai2 diet noo00..
u 2 dak radio=P