30 April 2008

Malaysian Hospital series 0002

Dealing many times with the hospitals, both private and government taught me many things on hospital’s procedures. Even though people will say private hospitals will have everything to be done in a short period because of the money, and so I will deny.

In the case of a close friend, trauma case (trauma = accident), the whole family involve in the accident. Some were bring to government hospital and some were bring to private hospital by the layman. In ‘that’ government hospital (not to mention where), any emergency procedure were done only when the family members were confirmed to have the money to pay for the diagnosis and treatment.

Compared to private hospital where treatment comes first no matter what (they cannot assume whether the patient could afford to pay or not because it was an emergency case and the accident took place near to their hospital, thus the victims were just brought there). It was sad for me to know that the staffs of that government hospital would rather did not do anything in order to save the patient but they only wait till one of the family members of the victim who came to visit said something to the doctor. It goes like this,

“Awak ingat ayah dia ni orang susah? Gaji sebulan 15 ribu dalam tangan je!”

It was just to mention for them to make necessary actions (read: maybe dah geram, tahla), but that was true. Only then they make up something which is too late to be done. The other son was then being transferred from that government hospital to the private hospital. Once he arrived there, the private hospital quickly did the necessary diagnosis and treatments without bothering on other conditions.

The little sister also been sent to the government hospital. The doctor in charge at the A&E (the doctor was pregnant). She instruct to the radiology department to have a CT scan to the brain as the blood comes out from the mouth. But no abnormalities found in the brain. So the doctor just said,

“Kami tak dapat jumpalah kat mana bleeding dalam badan die.”

“Cuba scan badan pulak, mana tahu..” The mum replied.

“Doktor, cuba scan perut, bleeding dalam perut kot.” This little kid, her sister is a medical student studying at the university near the hospital requested to the doctor.

“No, kalau bleeding dalam perut takkan keluar ikut mulut, keluar ikut bawah je.” The doctor replied.

And she just leave the kid like that and said, nothing could be done as they cannot found the bleeding site. I do think rather than just waiting, it is always better to continue the diagnosis. The kid is someone’s daughter and someone’s little sister. Nyawa manusia ni, sangat berharga la…. After dah lama, only then the doctor slowly talk to the family,

“Betullah ade bleeding kat usus, sekarang takleh nak buat ape dah..” Best je inform the family members.

And the family lost the kid, she is only 7 years old and very adorable. I am really sad..yes I am. I am sad as she died sebab the doctor give up and did not continue further diagnosis, as long as she is still alive at the time even nyawa-nyawa ikan. That was my opinion, I don’t know what exactly should be done and what not to be done as a doctor. I mean the procedure at that time. Or is it only me yang sangat terpengaruh dengan ER drama series or what..??

Just a part of my friend’s story which I would like to display here for sharing, I don’t have the gut to share more on what had happened to other family members in the hospital. It was not the matter of money actually; it was the matter how keen you are in order to make patient’s life better and to make them alive. And not giving any extra harms. It was an issue of having this and this procedure, for the sense of giving trouble to others. But there was and always certain government hospitals which really have good conduct and practice. Yes, there are.

And for this case, I do not know what to say. Surely family members terkilan, and the doctor, maybe sedey, regret. And the brother of the kid keep blaming himself saying that he caused the death of her little sister. He himself received banyak2 jahitan kat muka, teruk, taknak jumpa sape-sape. And the family is in traumatic mode for few months. Tambah lagi, the kid, banyak shown up "tanda-tanda nak pergi..." before the accident. She goes just like that....I guess. There's always hikmah behind each things decided by Him. Wallahu khairul maakirin..

Clinician’s view: I myself cannot think what actually she is thinking, do you have any idea??

Patient’s view: I’m not giving up yet, so please don’t give up on me. Maybe she said like that or what..??

Wallahu’alam, a reminder for me and for you. Till then, wassalam.

P/s: to be continued on the next series, inshaAllah


nurul 'izzati abdullah zayawi said...

hospital kerajaan perlu kan perubahan..so future doctors kena alert dgn benda ni..utamakan pesakit lebih dari benda lain..if pesakit xmampu..kita patut bantu mereka dgn bayaran percuma dan berikan khidmat terbaik utk mereka..xmembezakan antara yg miskin n kaya..

NMZ said...

he..satu dua je kot zaty yang macam tu. Sebenarnya macam tak logiklah, and tak sangka ada yang macam tu....tapi dun worry, kebanyakan hosp kerajaan bagus je.. :)

Faisal Admar said...

If ask for my opinion, i'd say get insurance and go to private hospital. that is why other countries such as USA [since you watch ER]... to have insurance is a must. and some cases are worse... if you don't have insurance in USA, you can't get any treatment in the hospital. have you watched John Q? it really happen, exactly. so, i have force my whole family to get insurance for themselves. i have mine too...

nice post~

NMZ said...

to faisal admar:
Yup, in other countries like USA, Japan etc, having an insurance is a must. When A&E received call from paramedic, they wud first ask if the patient do have any insurance aite? Hmm..all my family got insurance.
I went to the private hospital before, but when they cannot do anything, they referred me to the gov. hosp. I have to repeat back everything such as the diagnosis etc2, penat and takes time..
So, macam kesimpulan nye beter dari awal lagi pi gov. hosp. Ye eh?

Anonymous said...

terkilan jugak bace entry ni..tak sangka ada gak hosp gov ngan doktor2nye yg camtu skali..cam tak value others' lives lgsg..

muga2lah, hosp gov yg lainnye taklah camni..cam tak responsible lgsg pon kat patients..

n i thought doctors r supposed to save lives n care 4 others..:(

muga entry ni jd pengajaran kat suma org esp future docs..

NMZ said...

he, sebenarnya tak faham pun kenapa doktor buat macam tu..

tatau die ada personal problem ke atau...wallahu'alam..

mungkin die ada sebab die..

tapi kalau jadi kat kita, buatlah apa yang patut..yang betul..dan yang perlu..