29 April 2008

Declaration on Malaysian Hospital the Series

Declaration :

I will create posts on the Malaysian Hospital in series, slowly. This series is specially devoted to all healthcare-professional-to-be, everyone who deal with patients (i.e: Doctors-to-be, Dieticians-to-be, Radiographers-to-be, Nurses-to-be, etc). Basically it is based on my own experience as a patient and my understanding as a healthcare-personnel-to-be. My experience, how I deal, what the procedure, what they did and anything regarding the issue. With the main aim to improve the quality of a personnel, and for patients to understand.
Dan bukan untuk mencari kesilapan. Kemarahan itu langsung tidak wujud, sekadar perkongsian untuk yang lebih baik, akan datang. Dengan izinNya.

If you are a non-medical-related-person, Insha’Allah you could understand this Malaysian Hospital series. May this series gives benefit to you especially to the healthcare personnel. I will display the cons instead of the pros, for us to value and to avoid the unnecessary procedures, Insha’Allah (sebab yang bagus-bagus sume ade dalam buku, yang tak okay maybe tak terjumpa, thus, here it is, in this continuous series).

Alhamdulillah, Allah gives me the advantage of having both understanding and experience as a healthcare personnel and also as a patient. Thus I wanted to share the things which is not in the book, I guess. Trying to have the empathy, understand others and to be understood. Both sides, the healthcare personnel and patients.

It's hard for me to reveal my stories, but inshaAllah for our benefit and for us to change the view in the future. I hope from this series, we can try to avoid giving extra harm to patients and avoid unnecessary procedures. Because what's being learn is not necessarily applicable to all conditions, and also what's being learn is did not been applied, for many times.

I hope Allah will guide me and ease my path, helping me to benefit the ummah even with a very small contribution. Moga dalam redhaNya. May Allah gives me the strength as it cause me in great pain even to type the posts. Huu..inshaAllah I will try, continuous, but not so often. Various issues, but in random. InshaAllah.

I have no intention to show others' mistakes, or pointing hand to others, this series is just for sharing, as sharing is caring. Manusia melakukan kesilapan, itu pasti, namun harapnya, selain belajar daripada kesilapan sendiri, kita jua belajar dari kesilapan orang lain. InshaAllah.
I am ready for any critiques from you guys, and please correct me if I goes wrong. Thank you very much. Wassalam.

P/s: I hope KKM wont sue me, hehe.
(KKM = ministry of health -> in msia, it is known as KKM among healthcare personnel)

Wallahu’alam, a reminder for me and for you. Till then, wassalam.

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