20 April 2008

My prayer

My prayer for my future career

Ya Allah,
Give to my heart
Compassion & understanding
Give to my hands, skills and tenderness
Give to my ears, the ability to listen
Give to my lips, words of comfort

Please, give me Ya Allah
Strength for this selfless service
And enable me to give hopes
To those I am called to serve


It was my prayer for my future career, for my future patients. I hope I could be among the best healthcare providers, who will always give comfort and no extra harm to patients. I think my experience as a patient taught me lots here. To treat not only physically, but also spiritually.

Please give me the strength Ya Allah.

Being offered by my HOD to change to any other courses at the end of the previous semester, I do think a lot and still now. It was due to my sickness that he afraid I couldn't cope with the future career. I think this what been fated by Him. We couldn't always get what we want, but try to adopt first and then adapt the thing we get now. That's the best we could do.

It is not necessarily for me to be involved in what I am doing now (my course), I can always make a master in any other fields which is course-related or not. That was only an option, but for now, I am glad to serve for human health, for a better life. The clinical part taught me lots, and I am looking forward for the other one very soon. It doesn't mean we have to make them very healthy, but at least, healthier and better life.



affanazami said...

thanks for coming..
very hard-to-understand blog u have.
neway take care, sanah

nur_ilahi said...

haha, susah ke affan..?? long time no see, siyes.
nway, thanks!