12 August 2010

Started the Ramadhan in the ward

Photo taken past two years in the ward.

Ramadhan this year has come again. And as always, my heart feels like full with bless. With the so-called sickness which I never heard the name before, fibromyalgia which often causing restricted movement and radiating pain, that affects whole my life and my body system. Still, I could feel His love. Thanks Allah for granting me such strength to face everything, even though only You know how much I struggle inside in :)

So this Ramadhan, having it in the ward. Fall down twice, a day before Ramadhan, and the pain was like, ouch never felt before. Having this weak body even to walk around, makes me frequently falling down. And usually I would just get up and walk again like nothing happened. But on the day, I really2 surrender myself, I waited until I think I can walk. But I cant. Huhu.

Im totally in deep pain everyday and exhaustion due to my clinical posting. We work really hard in this field, everything is heavy, patients are heavy, the machines are heavy, the equipments are heavy, the doors and all are heavy too~! We did the posting, like we're already a staff. Lots of doctors are viewing the medical images without realizing many of them produced by students, only students. Yes it is true.

Thus, the work we are in, adding up with the sickness. And lots of 'school' work given by lecturers, I feels like the semester already passed for 2 months and half even though it was only 5 weeks ago. Having research project, mini thesis, classes, keje-keje sekolah and the main thing is the clinical posting (p/s: Rasa macam tengah buat PJJ je skang bukan full time student. Huhu) which makes me so much in deep pain and exhaustion, I really feel wanna pause for a while for my weak body. So having to start the Ramadhan by being admitted to ward, I think it's still full with bless. I think He wants me to have a very good rest despite of the pain.

Everything happens for a reason, and Allah for sure knows the best. Friends out there, I know that you're having a difficult days too, I pray that Allah eases your path, grant you strength, because I know you can. He wont burden us with something which we cannot bear of, and He loves you. That is for sure. Take care, friends!

FAMILY is a way of having friends by ALLAH's decision.
FRIENDS make family by human decision.


Anonymous said...

saya hanya ada satu perkataan, iaitu sabar. dan saya tahu kamu sudah kebal dengan perkataan itu.

As said...


hope kak D and baby azkiya are all fine :)

Emran Mohd Tamil said...

harap as cepat sehat kembali yerk... i know u are a very tough gal.. dugaan yg kuat datang kepada org yg kuat..

rest and have a good Ramadan..

As said...

sempena bulan puasa ni, emran kena kurangkan usik dan buli as. hehe.
but you really made my day, friend :)

aalim said...

selain sabar, ape lagi yg sesuai eh? =)

be tough sis

As said...

abang aalim

yang takde word sabar, senpai~! :)
thanks for dropping by ^__^

bawangmerah said...

kak, jaga diri baik-baik eh.
by the way, i would like to share something - i pass my exam :)

CAHAYA said...

get well soon. take care. :)

Raihan Mahmood said...

As bob! take care.. :) dun wori, we will always be with u dear..

it's jenn. said...

as yang sudah tabah, teruslah menjadi tabah!

i like the last phrase.

and u take care too.

Ummu Najla said...

Kak As, you know what comes to my mind when I read this?
I thought you are one such a miracle. A person that ALlah sent to me so I'd learn to give syukr and always have sabr.

May you get a quick recovery. And may ALlah give you contentmemt out of all the pain and sufferings.

You are a tough person. I admire you for that. Keep well!

Fi amanillah

sifaza said...

as... syafakillah

izzahismail said...

you, always be you. stronger than stronger :)

take care. smg Allah permudahkan everything kakak! :)