24 March 2008

it's here again

Hey, what's happening..??
The fight has just began, alhamdulillah done with 4 subjects, yet another 7 are waiting. Yes, it's the final examination, again. Striving very hard for these 15 days, hopefully everyone could bear until the very end of it, inshaAllah. Add up with the water crisis due to the repairing work on leakage pipe of Block F, harap bersabarlah kengkawan semua..

To those taking dietetics, gunakan kemahiran anda untuk menggoreng. To my fellow classmates in DDIR, remember the issue for this semester, special request from our lecturer, “belajar-belajar lah guna pen, at least half". Me myself penat da kena tegur last semester, so I did change for this semester sebab tanak kena tegur. Senang je kalau nak berani guna pen, make sure you did study well, adequate to give you the sense of confidence to use pen for the calculation part. Heh, easy to say hard to do, but not impossible. 4 subjects with major calculation, not even could be understand in the class, how eh?

No worries, just use your pen or your pencil or whatever to change your life. The pen/pencil have the power to determine your way of having the results later. Most important, the One who gives us the idea of having either pecil or pen to write, it’s better than using a feather aite..? After hard efforts, leave everything to Him.

There are some other valuable weapons needed during the examination days which u might miss them up, the sweater and the hand glove. Na'am, you will be dying answering those questions in Medicine examination Hall if you dont have these things. At least you are still alive when you are out. (just a suggestion, but I think it is not applicable for everyone =P )

InshaAllah it will be the end of Year 1 this coming 6th April, all the best, may Allah ease everything,and for everyone, amen.

“Allahumma ja’alna minan naajihin wal faaizin wal mumtazin fi kulli imtihan wa fil hayaatid dunya wal akhirah..ameen.”


student said...

tu sebabnye ade post What a pencil can do kat http://creamstudents.com

BTW, betul ke hanye budak diet yg pandai meng'goreng'?

nur_ilahi said...

heh, budak2 radio lagi pakar menggoreng sebab soklan kami takde ABC langsung. All essay. Hehe. Bukan stakat goreng, steam, BBQ sume ade. Wanna try..?? Other students said, rase mcm amik exam sebelah budak engin bile seat sebelah students radio. ^-^