30 January 2008

Final decision

Keputusan muktamad. Final decision.

Been seeing the world for almost 20 years and 4 months, it was my first time hearing those words from Ibu and ayah.

“This is our final decision. Muktamad.”

Sebarang surat-menyurat tidak akan dilayan.

They’ve never been this strict with me before as I’m an obedient daughter, expect less gives more. Rarely ask for something and have less desire in life. The same goes to my other siblings.

“It was because of your health. It was because of your safety.”

They are too worried.

If and only if they know how far I can go. How tough I will get going with this pain. Only if...

It was a once-in-a-lifetime-chance which I need to sacrifice. Never will it come again, for me. More than that, it was a chance for me to find a brand new side of me, upgrading the inner side. And, it was a chance which will be burnt.

‘Ya Allah, I seek for Your guidance, my hope and my prayers are only for You, the best Listener ever. La hau la wa la quwwata illa billahil ‘aliyyil ‘azim..’

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aerman said...

'Jika kamu brhasrat utk mendapat keredhaan Tuhanmu,.Maka berbakti pada org tuamu adalah sgt mulia di sisi Tuhanmu..'insyALLAH ada hikmahnya..

nur_ilahi said...

syukron, the hikmah is always der. :)

Kalam Sepi said...

my dear sis,

sorry for the long silence. i mean 'long'! =( been busy with the final sem.

May Allah facilitate your affairs sister, ameen~