11 October 2010

Pelangi Gelung Rotan - Part 2

Setiap derap langkah perjalanan adalah pengajaran dan pelajaran dalam sekolah kehidupan. That is what I could describe about our trip to Air Terjun Pelangi Gelung Rotan, Kuala Sentul, Maran, Pahang on the next day of the trip.

It was such a great morning after Fajr prayer, and everyone is ready for for their own slow shutter session, where ever they wanted to. And, Im sure that those landscapers really been inspired by the waterfall..oh waterfallsss should i say here. Various kind of waterfalls around our campsite area. You just need to make your choice :D They're so happy naming the waterfall by the way. Heh.

At around 830am we start the journey to Air Terjun Pelangi Gelung Rotan from our campsite at Batu Hampar. We actually went upstream. Thus the first thing that we did is to cross the flowing water in front of our campsite and do a little climbing right beside Air Terjun Batu Hampar. Maybe I could say it is on Air Terjun Che Mek Molek.

on your right side is Air Terjun Che Mek Molek. And we climb on it. Photo courtesy Azizul Aziz.

Then it is start of journey on a flat area, but, we walked most of the time in the water. Not only that, it's full with slippery rocks ! Lot's of them, seriously. Also, we need to cross the fast flowing water. It's tough but it's fun :)

This is where I've been taught on how to walk properly, provided with this kind of track. Every step, there's someone voice would accompany my journey, whether live at my ears, or not. Haha.
And seriously, I learn a lot.

Below, are some photos of the track.

First, we were all amazed with the rock formation along the track. Seriously!

Rivers and slippery rocks that we need to cater. photo credits to Azizul Aziz.

photo below, courtesy to Abutoq

photo below, courtesy to Azizul Aziz

After about 45 minutes, we actually did have a short break. Then we head back to the main aim, and about an hour later we came across such a wonderful waterfall called Air Terjun Batu Kawah. It's really fascinating even until now!

such a great view here. Everyone is almost speechless. Photo courtesy to Dr. Jamal R

We spend few minutes there to allow ourselves breath in normally due to the mesmerizing view. Hihi. And we proceed the journey as we will come back to it again on the journey back to the campsite. As it is quite high, thus we need to hike a small and quite steep hill with the help of a rope to pass the waterfall.

Again, we need to walk through a slippery narrow track with deep cleft of the waterfall's rocks on the side. This is even scarier than the track to Batu Hampar campsite. But then, the view from the top of the waterfall is simply awesome (and quite scary).

Photo courtesy to Dr. arJamal

Then we continue the journey with deeper and faster water stream. Below is a photo by Br. Azam Alwi. I reall wanna have a shot here :) we pass down below the fallen tree. The water stream was really fast. Fuh.

After almost 3 hours of walking in the water, we reach Air Terjun Pelangi Gelung Rotan. There's no one arrive yet, thus it's pleasurable to take photos of its whole. When we reach there, we actually deviate the track a bit, to reach a suitable port for photography. It took quite a time to clear up the trees and bushes before we could reach the big rock and setting up a port. Dr. Jamal would be among the first to capture, and below goes his photo

It's a wow isn't it?

But the most exciting part of the journey, is to have yourself under the falling water ! And even you could see the rainbow around you, only when you're under the fall! It's such a treat. A really great treat. I wouldn't forget this amazing experience.

The version with power rangers !

Yes, the scenery worth everything. The walk, the injury, the pain and all. And to 'shower' under the fall is the greatest experience ! Wuhuu..~!
We were there until only few of us left up here. They're all went down for the lunch. And we also have our lunch near to the waterfall, and we eat on a banana leaf :D

Dr Ali and nasi daun pisang first class

During the trip back to campsite, we stop by at many small waterfalls, and we reach the campsite when it's almost dark. We share lots of stories at night and the next morning before the 'silat' session.

Yes, we do have a 'silat' session. It's all initiated by Dr Ali.

They said, Arjuna and Andika. Who are they actually? Huhu.

This is the first time among those 3 days where everybody gather at one place to shoot something. Everyone smiles a lot ! After this session we have our group photo session as usual ^_^

We head back to Masjid Kuala Sentul, and this time we're very fast since all the trees and bushes has been cleared up. We took only 1 hour and a half to reach there.

I would say, it's a must-go trip for all nature lovers and for all landscapers. Seeing is believing. And I hope I would have a chance to come here again before lots of people would come, since the place won't be the same anymore.

People people out there. You love nature, take a good care of it as a start.
This journey for me, is really ex·tra·or·di·naire !

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