8 July 2010

When Mum asked you to get married

Never speak about this. Never touch on this issue. In this memorable blog of mine.
This, such a big issue, for me as a woman.
And when Mum asked me to get married.

Mum asked me to get married.
Mum thought I already have someone special.
Mum thought that I rejected men who came to me.

"Sape2 yang baik datang pada kita, terima jelah seadanya. Tak perlu pilih-pilih sangat."

I said, Im in pain 24/7. I don't want to burden anyone close.

"Is your sickness make your friends doenst want to befriend you..?"

And...im speechless..
Lifetime sickness, terrible pain 24/7. Emotional distress due to the pain. Pressure in life because of inevitable bad day. I burden those who close to me a lot, even those who didnt. The list will go longer..

Im a healthcare practitioner, I learn patient care, patient psychology and all..it should be me, the first who understand and accept my condition with ease at heart. But Im frustrated with those who cant accept me with this condition.

It makes me, to say, 'I am your mistake, please stay away.'

Conversation ended when Mum said,
"Berdoalah, moga Allah berikan seseorang yang baik."


~candlesky~ said...

bila ibu ckp berdoalah..maknanya dia dah lama berdoa..yea..i dah nak dpt menantu tak lama lagi^^,

With love, tuput said...

yeay,ibu dh stat persoalkan hal ni!

bile ibu memulakan, jgn ade harapan tggi untuk dia diam, selagi kamu tidak say yes to it.trust me.

uh oh, seperti mane kesukaan apabila german kalah ditangan spain, sy sgt suke entry ini.
nice one.

As said...

Mama candlesky
alamak..terasa jauuuh sangat. mama, jangan harap tinggi :)


Tuput Loved
heyp, macam ade pengalaman jek. :P
saya, sayang kamu, Tuput :)
sangat2 rindu

erm..not important for u to know ;) said...

I usually pat myself on the back. Sumtimes u just need to appreciate yourself.

Ummu Najla said...

My prayers for you! Ibu tu tahu semua; sakit sihat, wangi busuk, semua! Dan bila sudah diusulkan tu... Dia tahu sudah tiba masanya, sesuai...

Doakan yang terbaik melatari hidup Kakak! :)Amiin!

madziani said...

i'm touched with this entry..doa tulus seorang ibu untuk melihat anaknya bahagia.

seseorang meninggalkan komen di blog saya suatu ketika dahulu..and i think it suits best for you As.

Judging your from your blog, i think, u can be a better wife, a better mother, a better health practitioner...don't look down upon yourself, there are lots of things in you, things that cant be seen, cant be touched, just to be felt by heart.

i'm pretty sure who ever can nail you, is a great man as well..!

may Allah bless you, As.

arcane said...

may the very best be with you.



melon. said...

mak cakap mulut masin.

Emran Mohd Tamil said...

i like this entry... ehehehe

Muaz Nabil said...

insyaAllah, one day u'll find that person. keep strong AS. i'm sorry to hear about your latest condition. Moga sentiasa diberi kekuatan untuk menempuh hidup ini. :)