1 September 2008

The beauty

When given an assignment, did you really practice copying and pasting..? Wanted to hear what the view of a lecturer?

"When I gave assignments, students would normally copy & paste from the net or committed plagiarism in other forms. I don't quite mind as long as they know what they are copying and pasting and plagiarising. It is a learning process. Plagiarising in itself is a technique. Sometimes it can be so glaring it amounts to humiliation. I try not to get offended. So, once in a while, when a student submit something so original, your heart just swell with pride. Such a case was with Shaabana. She chose a topic on effectiveness of industrial training. To gather information, she prepared her own questionnaire and got the participation from her seniors. As Tracy Chapman croons, "give me another reason to stay...", I know I at least have one!:) "

Luckily in my department, we're used to be given assignments which couldn't be found anywhere on the net. Hu. We are sick of that but in a sense, it is great to invent something new based on available facts.

I remember what my lecturer always said,

"this is the beauty of being a lecturer.." while giving us a big smile. Hehe.

By the way, I love your classes, very much~! *even though ur exam paper is killing us!

Terima kasih, guru.


myadlan said...

yeah. students should master the ART of PLAGIARIZING..

i also hate watching my friends presentation of Wikimapia thingy with LINKS everywhere on the article..

I love doing primary research rather than secondary one.. OK I'm suppose to do research right now. why am i here? huhu

nurilahi said...

dear myadlan,

yang plagiarism sekali link ade lagi sume, that is ridiculous..hampeh namanya.


Great, go and do ur research :P