22 November 2008

Your cell phone is not dangerous

For me, it is kind of an old issue. I once did some research on this when there's a request for me to write an article on 'did cell phone damage the ears?' in our faculty yearly magazine. But few days ago I came across an article entitle 'telefon bimbit lebih banyak membunuh daripada merokok'. I was shocked, is it that dangerous? I will share with you some simple points for clear understanding, inshaAllah.

My reference would be the articles from official organizations:


People believe cell phones would lead to cancer due to the electromagnetic energy (EM) which been emitted.

Why is it impossible to affect human health?

I behold on these points:

1. As the concern on this matter been raised since long time ago, many organizations did some research and they found no scientific evidence to prove that cell phone will lead to cancer. You can try to google with keywords 'cell phone radiation', 'mobile phone radiation' and etc etc. All the best.

2. Cell phones operate in a low EM energy level, also in a frequency range which is classified as non-inonizing radiation and it would not harm human as other ionizing radiation such as x-ray.

3. As far as i'm concern, from the radiofrequency (RF), only heat will penetrate out body. Thus, try to avoid talking too long on the phone as the heat will expand your blood vessel, resulting in headache. If you still wanted to do so, use headphone to avoid the heat. Ok?

4. From what I learned in my field, radiation dose increase as distance became closer. But for this case, even the cell phone is right at the skull area, it won't harm human. As the key point is, it is non-ionizing radiation which has not enough energy to remove electrons from the outer shell of an atom. Means, it cannot give biological damage to human. Arasto?

5. Brain cancer sufferer is not only from those using cell phones, but also those who didn't.

Interesting fact

In a research, they exposed subjects to the RF signals. No change in anything like spatial memory etc, but they found a standout observation.
>>The participants were actually able to make choices more quickly in one visual test when they were exposed to the signals :D


If you still aware on this issue, you can always google to find out some ideas to reduce the RF (even though it did not give bio effects). Research is still ongoing from time to time, yet still they cannot prove it. Thus, worry not to use your mobile phone, but of course not too exessive ;)

"O you who believe! If a rebellious evil person comes to you with a news, verify it, lest you harm people in ignorance, and afterwards you become regretful to what you have done."
[al hujurat: 6]

take care frens :)

p/s: er, merokok sah2 akan dapat lung cancer, tapi cell phone takde prove lagi. Instead masih ramai merokok jugak :D


izzahismail said...

wah,i'm first!

da dgr psl nih tp i'm a bit ignorance sket regarding this issue.why? phone is essential. ;)

oh,naikkan lagi harga rokok! i don't mind for that.haha.

Jepah said...

lor... x hbis lg isu ni rupenye... hehehe... tol2... xde prove lg,kan?

hana said...

interesting fact indeed.
tp kan,saya ade satu soklan.kenapa kita tak leh guna hp mase kat stesen minyak?
sebetulnya ini dibolehkan ke?atau ad kaitan antara penggunaan hp dan haba panas dari stesen minyak tu?

As said...

rokok is unpatutnable to be sold here in Malaysia, sebab da de fatwa haramkan. Aite :D

prove takde, sume skang theory je yang masih dalam research untuk dibuktikan. Dari dulu till now they cannot find any evidence.

setiap electronic device akan emit ESD (electronic discharge) and sume akan equipped with protective circuit, tapi cell phones takde benda ni.

Sebab tu they warned us not to use cell phone becoz the RF + ESD will react with the fumes when we pumped tyhe fuel. ESD sparks akan produced.

But ni theory je, even though it did happen. Those cases maybe their cell phones ade defect sket thus it double charged itself which cause it to spark (depends on humidity).

If cell phones takde defect pape, i do think it's okay. But we never know..aite?

if ade pape salah tlg betulkan eh :)

Faisal Admar said...

Thanks for the info As. Its weird when peoples are so concern about this matter rather than smoking itself. To compare a total harmful with a vague one is very ignorance.

Maybe I can tell those smokers in my office about this since they are so afraid of cell phone rather than their cute little ciggy.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

sah sah lah rokok tu bahaya...

eh, cell phone tu apa??
emit smoke juga ker?

As said...

eh siyes ke ramai orang berpegang pada fatwa cell phone berbahaya drp smoking..



tuan caracol..
cell phones = handphone tuan ah :D

Faisal Admar said...

Hmm they are just a pure dumb. What's the different between them and the dumb & dumber? God knows.

Anuar Manshor said...

Cuba letakkan seketul telur di antara dua telefon bimbit yang sedang berfungsi. Kalau telur itu "masak", maka tidak mustahil "masaklah" juga otak kita nanti.

As said...

sebab tu i put a verse there in my entry. Allah ask us to verify a news before we spread it and more people wud be influence by the news, aite?

Anuar manshor,
it is not that easy fren..
telur hanya diselaputi cengkerang nipis, manakala otak kita diselaputi dengan beberapa lapisan dan yang paling tebal tentulah skull (BM die ape ea..tulang tengkorak neh kot :D )

Cuba bandingkan cengkerang telur dengan tengkorang kita, adakah sama tebal? :)

cuba curahkan air mendidih di atas kepala, itupun hanya kulit yang terkesan dan melecur.
Kulit kita sahaja Allah dah jadikan begitu hebat, inikan pulak lapisan2 yang melindungi otak kita.

Kepanasan yang dihasilkan oleh penggunaan handphone yang lama, jangka masa sangat lama, akan membawa pening kepala sahaja. Itu pun jika guna terlalu lama tanpa henti pada satu ketika.

Banyakkan membaca artikel kajian mengenai handphone ini, dan juga buat kajian terlebih dahulu pd berita yang kita baca sama ada ia benar atau tidak :)

Entry inipun, jika ada mana2 yang salah, boleh dibetulkan, tqvm.

WaBI said...


thanks for updating my knowledge. :D

myadlan said...

nice info. yep. kene verify tu penting. tapi sape la kita nak verify ni. nak wat eksperimen sendiri plak? hehe..

tertarik soal penggunaan handphone kat stesen minyak. mula2 percaya benda tu takkan terjadi lps tgk discovery mythbuster. tapi ada plak percanggahan pendapat lepas surf kt tenet..

tapi smp skrg still amek langkah berjaga2.. simpan henfon dlm keter time nak pam minyak!

As said...

kita tak layak nak buat eksperimen neh..haha

pasal kat petrol station tuh, jangan tinggal saje, off skali kay if betul risau. Buatnya orang kol baru tau :P