30 October 2008

Apoptosis - programmed cell death

I wonder, this is how it would be when a junior, describe you. Here. Not the title, but the intro. And I have to admit, it is really a 'was'.

Okay, tukar gear dua, tukar cerita!

The University will make us to occupy the same seat every semester in the Kuliyyah of Medicine examination hall. Thus, we always seat side by side, me and candlesky. Maybe this is to complete the fact made by others that, we are twins!

I remember during the registration day in june 2007, people at the counter thought that we are twins. Aha!

OKeh itu selingan to explain the story below

During our examination this morning, there's one invigilator came through and being in an erect position standing quite long looking through something on her desk. I am curious :D

After examination, candlesky told me, she's kind of 'cuak' when the invigilator(she) did that. But she is actually looking through the examination slip. Mungkin jugak die cuak tengok berderet subjects. And candlesky's examination slip is kind of like this. Mine is almost the same, it is just a slight different here and there.

Okeh, got presentation this Monday, wah kena semangat!

I hope the apoptosis did not occur among us after all the examinations. Hopefully.

And..before the examination starts, I am quite sad, seeing an empty desk in front of me. Empty desk, but with a set of question paper. And I missed her so much.
Allah loves you dear, and we love you too.

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Faisal Admar said...

Haha I did PJJ half way before and I took 11 subjects! Boss was self-centered and I quit because I have no time to study and at the same time boss needed me to do overtime without care whether it was examination week! Imagine that! She simply said "That's your own personal matter and work is your priority!". Fine boss. If that was what you want. Frustrated. Very frustrated.