28 August 2008

Power of Unity

Have any of you did watch the Olympics 2008 Opening Ceremony (OC) previously...?
What I could conclude from the OC;

1. was well-organized + excellent performance
fantastic + eye-catching performance
perfect combination of modern technology and traditional Chinese culture

I was really impressed when thousands of people performed the shadow boxing. How they could unite everyone, with same movement, flawless~.

If United States shows their power with war, but Beijing showed their power with the 'power of unity'. How they could manage thousands of people, having great technology during the OC and also being as one of the most successful Olympics in history.

This is what I would like to call as a 'Political Stand'.

Means, they can say, "Hallo America, don't play the fool on us~!"


*if you did not watch the video yet, please do so. You won't be regret (:

Let us come along and get together
Affirm our faith in God and the Messenger
Light the flame of love in him, warm and brighter
Hold the rope, and trust in him forever

Divided we will (we'll) fall, United we stand
Unity bears the fruit of unification
Triple I.C.E is ever our mission
Excellence in all we do is our vision

We are the torchbearers for the Ummah
Guided by the (-) Qur'an and Sunnah
Matriculation Centre of (-) IIUM
The gate of The (-) Garden, Knowledge and Virtue

in remembrance of Matric IIUM's song, the lyric is created by a person who close to me, and it really touches my heart. Paling bersemangat kalau nyanyi lagu ni :D kan?


Matematis Muda said...

Yeah great
but somehow
ada beberapa perkara yg depa tipu kita
tipu satu dunia!!
hebat tak?
but somehow it was great!

nurilahi said...

dearest MM,

part tuh memang wajibal ghunnah ade. Hehe. Sebab tu tambah2 hebat. ;p

Susah nak cari yang betul2 betul buat. (heh, faham tak ayat neh?)

Tapi amiklah pe yang baik, guna white hat kejap. Positive-values-absorbed mode.


zulyunus said...

best nya lagu matrik tu...

rasa macam pernah dengaq ja...dan rasanya kenal dengan orang yang cipta lagu tu hehe

by the way Unity is what brought by Islam and other than that is not what Allah and The Prophet wanted from us

nurilahi said...

Dearest Zulyunus,

Owh, zul pernah dengar je eh, lum pernah nyanyi lagu ni eh ;P

What you said is true, as mengambil contoh kesatuan mereka yang sepatutnya kita sebagai Muslim lebih2 lagi amalkan.

And to realize, each countries did have their own power which is not necessarily shown tru WAR.

WAR is a CRIME~!

myadlan said...

huhu.. reminds me of the matric.. new students during taaruf always prefer the matric song than IIUM students song..

i haven't watch the opening of olympic. despite it was over.. hehe

(^_^) Lady In Blue (^_^) said...

tol ke best
nnt nk tgk ah =)

sape wat lagu tu?
bukan mantan dean mase kt mtrik dlu ke?

nurilahi said...

Dearest myadlan,

It is always like that, always. Until now, me myself still berkenan ngan lagu matric (:

But, lagu baru UIA sangat best jugak:


Let‘s lead the way
Enlighten the future
Share the wisdom
Through the spirit of Islam

Revelation and Reason
We shall excel, we shall prevail
Merging faith and knowledge
We’re the khalīfah
We’ll fulfill the Amānah


We make the world a better place
Expand the culture of Iqra’
Is to realise, the meaning of…
Rahmatan li’l-Alamīn

We make the world a better place
Expand the culture of Iqra’
Is to realise, the meaning of…

(Mercy to all the worlds)

For all mankind

-3rd June 2008-

As consider lagu best, based on the lyric :D

Dearest LIB,

Heh, betullah tuh (:

alif zai mim ra said...

i missed d OC..CC pn. ade ek kt youtube? :P

n i miss our MCIIUM. huhu..

Badrul Aini Sha'ari said...
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Badrul Aini Sha'ari said...

salam perjuangan...

huhu, terkenanga lagu matrik... best2x kami siap gaduh dgn committee taaruf week baru2 ni sbb tanak nyanyi lagu lama UIA, we are the leaders of the ummah 2...

p/s: oh, org kuat che' abbas la As ni?

nurilahi said...

dearest hawa,

kat mana2 pun ada (:

Dearest Bad,

lagu tuh tersangatlah skema Bad..huu

bukan orang kuat, but he's one of my family members :D