25 August 2008


After 4 hours of sitting listening to the lectures non-stop on Saturday morning, I started to feel bored.

I rub the eraser on the table, non-stop, aiming to reduce the pain (read: taking away the mind focus from the pain). I cannot sit for a longer period as regards to my spine's problem (read: scoliosis).


"Okay, let's have some questions answered. We start with you." The external lecturer pointed on me. Erk, is it because me rubbing the table with the eraser and looks like having my mind away?

"What are the x-ray tube component?"

"Er..the envelope, cathode and anode." I replied on sudden.

"Okay, then?" She said and set off to seat comfortably, giving a sign I need to explain many things. Aiseh.

"Glass envelope which contains vacuum to support the electrodes. Cathode as the source of the x-rays, made of tungsten, where the thermionic emission occurs, transfer the electrons to the anode. Anode function as the target material."

Jangan tertipu, all weren't guaranteed to be exactly true. It was answered slowly, but I did not speak hesitantly. For at least, I have some facts in mind to be manipulated.

"Ok, soemone please help."

Mawar Merah then said, "The vacuum envelope, cathode and anode."

"La, samalah tuh." The lecturer replied."You missed the vacuum.

Er, vacuum envelope tu tak sama eh dengan vacuum..? Orait..kena banyak lagi baca neh.

Someone who looks like he/she did not listen, doesn't mean they really are. Someone who looks like he/she did not focus, doesn't mean they are not listening.
Which means, “Cekgu, we are listening to you and we are able to answer you, for at least, even though we manipulate the facts.” :D ngeee

Moral value: Dengar bila cekgu bercakap ;)

*Berkat guru tu penting..


myadlan said...

i missed my old days.. listening to lecturer..

wanna go back to UIA.. huhu

nurilahi said...

Dearest myadlan,

time blaja tulah masa emas kita. Bila bekerja suasananya jauh berbeza.

During my internship, siap macam berikrar tamau bekerja based on qualified degree, haha. Serik.

BUkan sebab our course, tapi sebab tekanan kerja tu sendiri ;)

Heh, macam experience enuf :D

*yang penting speak confidently ;p

ijad said...

salam... tak nak join gath ke..

Master J said...

erm..kekadang lecturer pun mcm ckp dgn computer jer..xckp ngan kitorg..e2 yg buat ngantuk 2..hehe =p

nurilahi said...

Dearest Master J,

I have no such experience yet in IMC (kot..hehe)

We do have great lecturers, tinggal lagi subject tuh terlalu bosan atau berlaku redundancy atau kita sendiri tak mampu da nak dengar lecture direct non-stop 3-4 hours :D

Takpe ngantuk JAz, yang penting maintain Dean's List ;p

szakif said...

at least you answered something rather than nothing, kan?

ko sangat tabah as. saket2, maseh gagah ke kelas. tahniah!