17 August 2010

Needle into the joint

early August last year, in putrajaya :)

It was at day care unit. I went down from my ward with a wheelchair for intra-articular injections. Procedure ended with words from my consultant to the patient besides me.

"Awak jangan menangis pulak ye."

Coz she's waiting for her turn for wound dressing, and keep looking at me during the injections.

I'm used to lots of injections whether to withdraw blood or for intra-muscular analgesia (ubat tahan sakit disuntik pada bahu). But I'm really traumatic with intra-articular injection (suntikan pada sendi).

Dan bila doktor nyatakan yang As perlu dapatkan suntikan itu lagi tika di ward, kepala terpaksa mengiakan. Kali terakhir As mendapat suntikan itu hampir setahun setengah yang lepas. Beberapa kali sejak Nov 2008 after a surgery done to my knee. Feels quite old to have such surgery. Heh.

What is special about intra-articular injection is, it must be at least 6 repetitive injections, at a single joint. Yesza. And the pain is definitely really terribly different from other injections. Even 10 times more painful compared to IM injection at the shoulder.

For the first 3 injections, usually my eyes boleh tengok lagi. Da masuk ke empat, sure pejam mata tunduk tahan air mata. Senyap....dengan air mata menitis....keras...
Heh siyes sakit amat. Needle went through your joints, ligament, tendon etc..wuhu.

Dan doctor will ask,
"Hasanah, you alright?"
for few times and I cannot even say "Yes."
Even cannot ask what did you inject into my joint, is it hyaluronic acid, steroid or what...

intra articular injection of the knee

And don't know why it is really really painful even you got the injection of local anaesthesia before the next injection. Yosh~


it's jenn. said...

as..sgt scary..
salute kt as dpt menempuhinye..
jenn even iv ke im pon da nk nanges.

but im sure all these things buat as lagi tabah..
and setiap ujian yang diturunkan pasti ade sebab yang tertentu..

as, do take care!

mohd ariff said...


sy yg baca pun dapat merasakan kesakitannya, apatah lagi As yg alaminya sendiri..(maaf sy menitiskan airmata)

moga As lebih tabah dlm hadapi hidup ini.

izzati.abdullah said...

words can't describe my feeling.hope to see u soon dear.take care!

Em's Family said...

get well soon... :)

-emran (malas nak logout akaun wife)

Anonymous said...

8 bulan aja lagi....

sora said...

eii takut jarum