12 March 2010

thousands of it~

only two of us

2 months and 12 days i havent updated anything to this blog. Which is quite weird for me myself and some friends. I apologize.

I dont want to blame the hecticness of life or anything, for me, updating blog requires your passion. It would be something which will channel your stress to a positive way. :)

Studying radiopathology this semester. Senang cerita, diagnosis pesakit melalui gambar-gambar seperti x-ray, scanning dan sebagainya. Kalau ikut mudah bahasa layman. From that, i realized there are lots of disease out there, lots of it. Amat amat banyak. Itu belum campur dengan yang tak perlu tengok gambar untuk nampak sakit ape.

I seriously think that we, are lucky enough. Because we live a healthy life despite of thousands of diseases out there. (speaking like I am an healthy person ^_^ )
There are many sick people, but there are lots more healthy people, for sure. They are just lucky, seriously, by not having any disease.

That's why I agreed to one of the cause of disease, which is, BAD LUCK. That is one of the cause of disease. You guys, are lucky enough not to have those disease, which you yourself cant even think that they are ever existed on earth. Seriously~

Most of all, say your prayers to Him for granting you a good health. May anything that come over you in the future, would not deviate you from the right path. Ameen.

Final exams around the corner. Take a good care of your health. Despite all, we leave it under our tawakkal to Him, only after we give out the efforts~

See you..in a short time, inshaAllah :) will try to update this blog frequently, coming back to its former pace :P


CAHAYA said...

all the best for your final exam and please take a good care of your health. seorang student, kekayaannya bukan sahaja pada ilmu, tapi pada kesihatannya juga. :)

Badrul Aini Sha'ari said...

salam perjuangan...

thank you Allah...

thank you Allah...


Huzai said...

yeyeah as dah update!

myadlan said...

dah lebih dua bulan. memang busy rupanya study xray ni. interesting subject. kalo takde ilmu, memang tak faham ape la yang ada kat tulang2 tu.