20 December 2008

Kamu shopaholic?

anyone, please help!

Been introduce to the word shopaholic when I began to read those books by sophie kinsella, 'shopaholic the series' during my teenage age. Yup, I'm not young anymore, being 21 this year which means I am officially become as a young adult (heh nak jugak young tuh~).

owh ye, the main point here is to ask you guys, do you love shopping?

This habit is very similar to the women. I have few friends, male, they love shopping too. They could spend their time from morning until night just for shoping. Wuhuu~~that's amazing thou!

But I'm not keen into shopping, and luckily my close friends who usually hang out with me, share the same quality too. We usually hang out for food. Yeah for food. Then we take the opportunity to go to the cold storage and bookstores.

Thus, basically our day out is mainly about eating and buying important stuffs. Even so, we're still trying to spend the-most-minimum-time for purchasing those things. Habis cepat dah, kalau boleh terus nak balik~

Window shopping? Huu that's so far away, out of our interest..

How's yours? ;)


izzahismail said...



oh,taun depan,i'll be young adult.
sgguh tak best.

i love shopping.that includes, foods, books, and others as well.

and i can do window shopping. but depends on mood and time ;)

tusky said...

shopping is a great 'exercise'

it exercise ur muscles
especially at legs
(nonstop walking)
or your hands
(holding few new plastic bag)

exercise ur self management
control expenditure,
or else u r eventually flat broke
control time
or else u rushing here and there
completing 'the tawaf'

kalu korg rase nk shopping, shopping je..
xde hal.. after all, thats ur money dude.
who else wanna buy u things u want most?
xkan nak tunggu time besday je kot

p/s: ini adalah intended provocation..

.fatin nabila. said...

shopping itu indah bila berduet, :p..
remember me by sophie kinsella, baca dh? sedap..

As said...

dear izzah
nak shopping memang perlu the right mood, betul? :D

u said earlier shopping is therapeutic :)


dear tusky
nak nak if tawaf more than 7 times :)
exercise yang therapeutic, is it?

spend money untuk diri sendiri itu satu perasaan yang great :D

p/s: sorry aa beb, tak makan provoke, makan nasik jek :P


dear fatin
owh belum baca yang itu asyik cari tak jumpa..
eh kat popular kat2 umah kite ni ade tak? :D

Anonymous said...

owh. diya sangat suka window shopping, as. hehe. kadang jalan berjam2 without buying nothing pun dah rasa puas. =D

3p4h said...



Anonymous said...

Soping mmg besh. Especially bila poket penuh. Akak suka beli baju, seluar and make up. Kasut jarang2 sbb susah nak jumpa saiz 10.

Ngehehehehe...actually akak soping setahun sekali je. Sekali beli borong utk setahun. Boleh? Tak tahan...

jennyto said...

im an emotional shopper.

so sgt beruntung kalo takde duet.

sbb kalo ade duet, n emo bagai, mule la spend cam haper.


window shopping usually ends up ngan shopping btol2 kalo ade duet hehs.

tusky said...

entry pertama tentang
persepsi general shoppers

ni dari aku yg betul2

gemar shopping
tp xgemar tawaf..
resmi lelaki kot..
get in, get stuff, get out..
aku suke target
then get..
pastu blah
pastu bowling
pastu, makan..

izzahismail said...

haha.right mood can can be applied to many conditions.

during tension, shopping is therapeutic. you can shop for foods, clothes etc. haha.

during good mood : this can be bad. sbb it relates to ur pocket money.yelah, good mood kan, duit pun sdap je kluar. balik2 uma, u dont realize where ur money sume habis? haha.

i became less shopaholic nowadays. let say minor.sbb asyik broke je skarang.but still enjoy window shopping ;)

As said...

dear diya
agaknya as kena belajar dengan diya kot :D


dear 3p4h
tak dapek den nak nolong :D


dear kak knowlee
wah bagus nye akak, borong untuk setahun. Kalau gaya shopping camn, bukan shopaholic laa ;)


dear jennyto
maknanya kalau badmood, tend to shop banyak2 aaa?


dear tusky
yooo, boleh geng!
ingatkan get lost tadi :P
target and blah :)


dear izza
that's awesome
if spend for things yang nampak, tak kesah aa kan?
badmood bahaya, good mood pun bahayaa

Farah said...

cik young adult,

saya suke shopping! haha =p

tezuka87 said...

benci shopping...

Faisal Admar said...

to me there is no such thing as retail therapy. its just a lame excuse for you to waste money on stuff you don't really need it.

i spend most of my money on books rather than junks.

usually i have a small piece of paper, list of items i'm going to buy and i stick to it.

its just the matter of necessity vs necessary.

remember to eat at home before you going out. hunger can make you shop stuff that you don't need. use brain instead of heart.

Anonymous said...

im a shop lifter....hahahhahahaha

pernah kantoi dengan nyonya masa darjah 5

cubaan untuk curi gula2 getah yang ada tatoo GAGAL dengan berjaya.


CoklatChips said...

Llk pn ade yg suke shopping ke...

MaNuSiA_RuMiT said...

saya suka melepak kat kedai buku popular sebb boleh baca free...

AhmadN said...

a lot of people enjoy shopping, but they tend to not look for ways to curb their spendings..
all they do is spend spend spend..
this is the case with the majority of the people nowadays, is that they treasure the things they buy more than anything,

kalau dah tak perlu, to me you dont have to buy,
but they tend to have the urge,sadly..

well thats my point of view

hana said...

Salam As.
Kita sama,I don't like shopping too.Walaupun punya sahabat yang suka shopping,selalunya saya akan lepak di kedai buku sambil tunggu diorang sudah shopping.
Sungguh,saya memang buta fesyen,barang berjenama,tahu pun melalui kaki shopping.Tak kisah sebenarnya,saya lebih rela lepak di kedai buku.Saya sememangnya orang yang membosankan.

shopaholic yg emo said...

important stuffs??? for us shopaholics, the things we bought are also important stuff okey...
and sometimes buying food are such a waste when you could buy it somewhere cheaper not like the cold storage...sorry emo

As said...

dear shopaholic yg emo
no worries, u are allowed to. I dun mind as u talk in a proper manner :)

My entry here just to state our usual habit and asking how abt others (if u read it again). Thus anyone cud express whether they love shopping or not. There's no problem to be either one as long as you have time and money. It's all yours.

Part pegi makan tuh, bukan pegi makan kat cold storage :D
Bebile rasa nak makan kat luar, jadi kami kuar. Kebetulan ada cold storage, terus beli pape perlu, because kami sume tak cukup masa untuk pergi tempat lain mcm giant etc.

Paling penting untuk pegi shopping, again, money and time.
Just we need to differentiate between keperluan dan kehendak. Tidak berlebihan spt yang disyariatkan :)
Selagi rasa ia important, yes go ahead, no one will stop you, aite?