23 July 2008

Triple C

some of the cup cakes

Today is my first attempt on decorating cup cakes for a birthday boy, coincidencely early this morning. First attempt, somehow very interesting. For a birthday boy, so it's quite 'cartoon'.

Then going to the hospital, to the clinic, after that went back to IIUM. Quite suprised to see a compound note on my desk. Offence number 33. Erk..

I asked few friends who are in the same course with me, luckily everyone got the compound notes! Huu, quite happy. Means we are not guilty, just a misundertanding.

taken before dealing with Mahallah office

Nampak sikit because there are only 7 of us, sisters of RDI, second year.

After a slow talk with Mahallah office explaining the conditions, seems that we still need to give an appeal letter. Eventhough we are not found guilty, but they said that they cannot cancel the compound notes because they're already been issued. Oh my..

"Yati tak kisah nak bayar, tapi geram sebab kita tak salah.." She said to us.

I understand, perkara yang remeh menjadi satu perkara yang besar jika tidak diselesaikan. Dan yang remeh-remeh inilah membantutkan kerja-kerja lain.

Entahlah...too much protocols and procedures, making simple things become complicated. But, it's okay, everyone just doing their jobs, but I believe there should be some considerations on certain conditions, and also exceptions. Hmm..

p/s: Triple C stand for Cup Cakes, and Compounds :D


Matematis Muda said...

Failure to register at mahallah?

nurilahi said...

kind of :D

(^_^) Lady In Blue (^_^) said...

kte pn penah kn gak
iron pn xpenah bwk
alih2 dpt cmpound 4 rice cooker
bengang xyah ckp la
tp now da ok..he~

p/s: u know me la.ur subcom during taaruf wk n SMARTEL. =)

nurilahi said...

Dearest lady in bluE..

Subcom taaruf week ade 12 orang tolak as ngan afif.

Smartel lagilah ramai..

erk..yang mana satukah dirimu :)

nurilahi said...

p/s: walaupun senanye da tau :P

izzah said...

nak cup cake jugak..=)


(^_^) Lady In Blue (^_^) said...

ooo..suka ye die main2.
mntang2 la i xglemer.. =)

farah aminuddin said...

cup cake la...waa...