1 June 2008

The punch card story

Esok inshaAllah akan mula official clinical posting. And above is my first punch card in my history of internship. I’ve posted some stories from my previous entries about my internship, such as here. Sebelum ini secara tidak rasmi kerana kami masih di Tahun 1, mungkin, but for this time, it is official since we have completed our first year of study.

And for tomorrow, I’ve been scheduled under portable x-ray which means I will go around wards to do conventional imaging. This is the part which most of radiography students like most. There are some reasons behind. Maybe it is a bit light than other imaging procedures, dan jugak tak perlu terperuk di Radiology Department sepanjang hari.

This is my first internship in this hospital, usually we went to another hospital which is quite far from our campus. It took for two hours to reach there, and we usually went there daily, did not overnight. The tale about our daily journey there will goes later, inshaAllah.

For the first year of study we have completed the conventional imaging for chest, abdomen, neck and extremities (all parts of hand and leg). To add up everything, there are about 70 different projections with 70 different details and hundreds of different pathology! :D Thus, they will be our main focus for our internship this time.

There are five of us this time around and we were all separated along this internship except when we at the Radiology Department next to the Ortho Clinic. There will be two us as pair. InshaAllah everything would not be too hard for us. The experience from previous internship will help a lot inshaAllah. I hope that we still remember how to use the machines! ;P It’s been for months since we last handle them.

It is just one thing, I do hope this time around, the internship won’t cause me much pain like before. If not, they will see me terduduk menyandar di dinding. Hehe. Working in a Radiology Department as a student, means you have to stand all day and dealing with patients in a very short time (read: kena cepat dan pantas!)



badrul said...

salam perjuangan...

wah, update lagi!

kami menantikan entry seterusnya...;)

p/s: posting ktne2? bkn htaa ke?

Badrul Aini Sha'ari said...

salam perjuangan...

wah, update lagi!

kami menantikan entry seterusnya...;)

p/s: posting ktne2? bkn htaa ke?

Anwar Yassin said...

dah rase dah macammane berkerja di hospital ek ? bagus2. semoga berjaya ! dan, hospital yg two hours tu hospital temerloh ka ?

zulyunus said...

wah, dah ada punch card...mantap2...hehe, selamat bekerja dan selamat beristiqamah dalam beramal...jangan mengeluh.hehe

izzah said...

berusaha!!moga Allah mudahkan segala urusan.insya'Allah.=)

NMZ said...

to BAd:
Lambat sket nak pos entry, ade sebab2 nye. Huu, tunggu weekend baru bermaya sikit

to anwar:
Thanks. As kena lebih bersemangat, and takleh down.

to Zul yunus:
Erk..as salu mengeluh eh, takleh la wat posting cite kisah hidup lagi..
Bile ade punch card tu jadi makin istiqamah ;P

to Izzah:
Thanks (^_^)