13 May 2008

I just cannot help when he smiles

I rarely talk about my family. Now, here it goes.
Today is abang's birthday.

abang with aisy (he's growing, look here)

Dear abang,

I know how hard is your life before. We just heard, but the one who face knows better. And Im glad you make it through. Seeing you with better life now, Im happy. With those kids around you, not forgetting our beloved bros and sis (abang sir, abang amad and kak maina), I know they're taking care of you very well even you are already big enough =P it's 25 y/old this year. I once have been under them, and I cannot find any other guardian better then them (read: penjaga, bukan parents..heh).

syaurah and najihah , they are also my sweetheart ;)

All kids get stick to you easily and very close, I dont know what you have, black magic?
My wish that you will always be tOugh as you are, and jaga makan sket! You wont listen to anyone on this, isk...

umrah year 2003

I thank you for what you did for everyone, especially to ibu ayah and mak, for what I cannot. You are always a great son compared to me. I always wanted to score in examination like you did, but who could reach that 4.0 cgpa like you. It is impossible for me, with my condition. Heh.

abang and kakna

I wish you all the best in your life, I always do. Good luck in your undertakings, all the machines stuffs. Huu..
Looking you from far here, I wanted you to know that you are always deep inside my heart. Always..
And forgive me for everything.